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I might be getting my next sphynx soon!!!

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One of the sphynx breeders I talk to has some male sphynx that are almost ready to go.
She also has another male that is 3 weeks old that she thinks mi
ght be better show quality then the other 2 males she has.
The plan was I would learn to show first before I would
get the next sphynx which I did.
I have ideas for part of the name.
For every spotted cat there has to be another bald cat.
I will be showin
g 2 Sphynx and the Bengal.

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How exciting! Are you going to wait for the younger male?
Also, I think i am missing something?? What bengal are you going to show?
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I am waiting for the lady to write back.
I can wait for the younger male if she wants me to.
She said she will know soon if he will be better show quality then the other 2.
She is one of my mentors.
My sister is getting a Bengal.
I posted about her Bengal.

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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am waiting for the lady to write back.
I can wait for the younger male if she wants me to.
She said she will know soon if he will be better show quality then the other 2.
She is one of my mentors.
My sister is getting a Bengal.
I posted about her Bengal.

Ah Ha! I see... yes, I did see the post about your sister's Bengal...
Post pictures of your choices if you can, ok??
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She will send me some pictures soon.
The picture she sent is to blurry to post here.
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How exciting Good luck with the name

What colours are the ones you are looking at?
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You are not going to believe this but the picture she sent me is another black and white sphynx.
I am not sure what the other 2 are yet.
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Two of a kind.

Would you take another b&w? Will you just go with type and any colour?
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I would take another black and white.
The judges said the color does not matter with sphynx.
They go by the standards.
I will go by show quality.
This time I will get to show the kitten from a younger age.
This person only shows in TICA though.
I will be showing in CFA and TICA.
I came up with this name.
Aslan of Narnia.
What you all think of it?

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I am so excited for you, congrats. Just went to my first cat show this past weekend, and I loved it. Oh yes, send us some pics....(and I like the name A LOT....very cool)
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You can't use the "of Narnia" unless its your cattery name. But you can shorten it to Aslen O' Narnia.

anytime you have "of....." means its of your cattery. Like Jack is Catiators Cpt Jack Sparrow of TC (TC is my cattery name).
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I forgot about that.
Jen told me what color the sphynx are today.
One is red and white and one is brown tabby and white and the other one is black and white.
She thinks the black and white might be the best show quality kitten out of them.
She is not sure about his ears yet though.
He is only 3 weeks old now.
I will need ideas for other names also.
It is always fun going to the shows.
Showing is more fun.
I am trying to download the pictures but my computer is acting up.
I guess I will have to get on the Desk Top later and see if they will down load there.
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That's great news Jacky! I know with my litters that will come I am going to be so hardpressed to sell them all without keeping at least one! I am trying to figure out how I am not going to fall head over heels for them all. I do know, though, that finding awesome homes for them all shouldn't be difficult...have a lot of people interested just from me talking to them and showing them my "players" LOL
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I think the older 2 kittens are almost 4 months.
I will have to email Jen and ask how old they are.
Just be careful who you sell the kittens to.
There are so many bad people out there.
I can not wait t see what your kittens will look like after you breed your cats.
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I am excited for you!
and for me, because the pictures and stories of two will be awesome
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We will see what happens.
I will let the breeder decide what kitten is best to show.
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My 2 cents in show picking. While its great for the breeder to pick out show quality (and should be that way), IMO you should know your breed standard well enough to also give your input as to what you like in the kitten (per standard) and give/take between you and the breeder in picking out the best kitten and why.

I kinda feel that when a person asks for show quality, they should KNOW the standard well enough to critque the kittens too - and know enough to explain to others why this kitten is show quality, best features...in other words "what makes this kitten show quality over another".

I know a lot of people are not skilled to evaluate, but you can do a decent job by studying. After we got Charlie, I studied the standard and evaluated the cat (good and bad points) and learned what to look for in type, head, spotting, etc. So when I put in for another "show" quality Oci, I know what I needed that was better then Charlie had. I could help evaluate the litter and pick out a show male (Jack). Between me, the breeder and another Oci breeder, we narrowed it down from the beginning to 2 males. In the end we all agreed that Jack had the better overall qualities in a show cat (even if his brother's ears were what I would have wanted on Jack; Jack had more going for him in other qualities).

Mews - you have one Sphynx - and by now you should know the standard that you can evaluate the kittens as well and not rely totally on the breeder's pick. What qualities in the ones you are picking from would you say is the show quality one and why? Keep in mind that breeders can sometimes become "cattery blind" where they think their cats are all great. Its better to get one or two other opinions from trusted breeders to help clarify which one you pick.

Anne had no problem with me sharing the pics of Jack and by phone or emails we gave our opinions. I wanted to learn WHY they chose what they did. Even if I don't breed, I can tell what makes a show quality Oci (and other breeds).
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I know the CFA standards and what the judges expect but do not know the TICA standards that well.
This breeder made me learn the standards.
She is very strict who she sells her kittens to.
I have breeders I can show the pictures to that I trust.
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Sounds good. But the standards are really not that different between CFA, TICA, or ACFA with pedigrees
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I have been looking at the standards for TICA and CFA.
I will never show in ACFA only because there are no shows out here.
I might be showing 3 cats in TICA in October depnding in what kitten I get.
If I pick one of the older kittens I would get him within a month.
The other one I will have to wait until he is old enough because he is only 3 weeks now.
We are waiting to see if his ears will be to standard.
I will be showing my sisters Bengal and Cleo also.
Do you think i am talking to many cats to show in TICA for the first time if it ends up that way?
It will be easy for me to show 2 sphynx in CFA.
I am teaching other people how to show know.
Butzie/Rosemary from this site has asked me to teach her how to show Butzie.
She is thinking of going to the Hayward show and wants me to come to her house.
She will show in HHP.
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Depends more on what groups you are in (kitten, adult, alter, HHP). If you have cats in different rings, you won't get to watch them all and you will have to keep on top of who's calling for who (judging/finals).

If you have them in the same class (both alters) its a lot easier to do by yourself; otherwise you need a helper.
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Cleo will be in alter and the Bengal and the other sphynx will be in kittens if that is how TICA does it.
I am not sure.
In CFA I will Cleo in Premiership and the kitten in the kitten class.
Once the kitten is 8 months they will be both in alters.
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With choosing a kitten, one mentor said to me you either trust your breeder or you don't - and if you don't why are you getting a kitten from them.

Photos can be deceiving, lighting, angles etc. all affect how the photo looks whereas the breeder is looking at the kitten in person they have a better idea of how it really is.
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Do not worry this breeder is well known and can be trusted.
She has been helping me with Cleo since Feb.
I met herin teh sphynx breeders group.
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In my case, I trusted the breeder of my queen to help me choose what kitten out of my own litter to keep. All of my kittens came out within the Mau standard, and beyond that it is difficult to know what exactly judges look for unless you have years of experience. I studies pictures of grand champion cats, and also kitten pictures from my breeder's previous litters. I still don't think I am completely qualifies to choose which of my own kittens are the best, but I am definitely learning.
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This breeder has other kittens but she said these 3 males fit the standards the best.
We do plan on meeting at her house one day.
She wants me to bring Cleo there.
This was planned before her kittens were born.
Her house is a 7 hour drive from here.
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I didn't say that you (alone) should be able to pick out show quality. You should know the standard well enough to offer your opinion and if its not quite right, then learn what other breeders say about why the one you picked was not a good choice.

We all never stop learning.

Mews - why bring Cleo to the breeder's house? That's not standard practice and its unwise if you are gonna "test" Cleo to see how she gets along with the kitten. It takes weeks or months to accept. You bring in Cleo and all she will do is hiss or growl at the kitten.
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I am not bringing Cleo to her house to meet the kitten.
We have been planning on taking Cleo to the breeders house to talk about TICA standards.
I was suppose to go before summer but it did not work out.
She was going to show me how to bathe her real well.
This was before I showed Cleo in May.
It has nothing to do with getting a kitten.
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Oh ok Sounds like you were taking her to "meet" the kitten.
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Sorry about that.
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