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Judges at cat do they react?

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Ok, here's my question: At the shows, when a judge is judging cats, do they take points off if the cat is not exactly as polite as dogs? What I'm getting at is, do they turn the other cheek if a cat tries to flee when the judge handles them in a certain way (ie: full body stretch)? I am so freaked out about how my girls will react at their first show in a couple weeks. We have been trying to practice stretching them out etc., but we're known to them so I'm worried that if someone with cold hands touches them doing that, they are not going to respond as nicely as they would here at home.

Please, advice anyone???
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They do not stretch sphynx out when they jud
ge them.
Cleo tried to
get away once and she has hissed at judges before.
She she
got 2nd place even after she hissed.
She was made at a Tonkinese so she hissed at the jud
The judges will not take points off for that.
I have seen cats that were not very nice make the finals.
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Every judge I've seen (including visiting US judges) have stretched out Sphynx cats

Many judges are very good at getting the cats to stretch, even if kitty doesn't want to.

They are also good at predicting what a cat will do, if they are wanting to take off etc.

Whether they take off points really seems to depend on what else is going on, if there was a reason for hissing, or perhaps if the cat otherwise is an excellent example some things can be overlooked with temperament.
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The CFA judges here have never stretched Cleo or any of the other sphynx out when I showed.
My Mentor told me they do not do that.
I have no idea if TICA does that though.

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With HHP's they give a lot of leadway in handling as they know many are 1st time cats. With the pedigrees it depends. They work with them. Some stretch, some don't. But IMO I'd get the cats used to being handled in all ways.
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GK, that's what we've been trying to do here at home is handle them in different ways. I have printed out how to train a kitten for showing, but my girls are now 8 months old but I still think of them as kittens and I'm sure the same rules apply in this. I am going to really try over the next two weeks to help them get ready. I am so excited I can't wait! My daughter made me business cards to take to the show, but my website isn't ready yet. I am trying to get it finished but only so many hrs in a day!
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Cleo was the same age when I showed her the first time.
How do your cats react to cat they do not know?
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They don't show any dislike to new cats, however I have only introduced one new cat to them since they arrived and that's Monty. However, they were totally fine when we brought them home to introduce them to our resident cats, no hissing from was a great intro in my opinion.
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That is Great.
I hope they both do well.
When I got Cleo none of my cats hissed and either did she.
It went great.

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Good luck at the shows!
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In the experience I've had so far showing household pets (admittedly not much, about 5-8 shows) the cats that were the friendliest and best behaved or most comfortable with the judging process got the most points. Cats who hissed or seemed disgruntled did not do well.
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Well, the girls are very friendly cats, but since this will be their first experience I'm hoping to spoil them with treats before and after the judging in each ring.

I just don't know what to expect and not knowing anyone will be another anxiety causing issue. I know I'll be fine with hubby there, but I'm hoping the girls will be not freaking out.
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Try not to get nervous.
Did you put on the entry form that you are new to showing?
They can find someone to bench with you the first time if you let them know you are new.
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Jacky, yes I put in that I was new and I also phoned the entry clerk and we chatted for like an hour LOL. She said there will be other sphynx there and she will try to bench me next to an owner/breeder of sphynx. The show is the NW Regional so she said it's going to be a full house too, but competition is healthy and that way, I can ask other exhibitors questions, not necessarily about showing but general questions about their breeding etc.

I can't wait to go. This will be a good time and experience.
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When I'm judging HHP/Domestics personality factors into my decision a lot.

When I'm judging Pedigrees - it's important but I'm a little flexible, if it's just a little wriggly or a little hiss then I normally ignore it.
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Thanks Wellington, I was waiting for you to chime in LOL. I don't quite know how they will react, but I can always hope for the best outcome. They're cats afterall, and they do as they want WHEN they want. I sure hope they WANT to be shown LOL
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It will be fun to show.
TICA added another show here so I might be going to 3 shows in November.
I also might be showing 3 cats by then.
We will see.
I learned a lot about Abys and LaPerms from the breeders I bench with.
Of course the LaPerm breeder wants me to get a Laperm insted of another sphynx.
You will meet a lot of nice people at the show.
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