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Eternal Moonwalk

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A radio station has started this cool website which is a tribute to Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

It's very fun!
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I thought it was awesome! I was tempted to film myself doing the moonwalk. Very cool!
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That's cute!

Of course, only about one in 20 is actually doing the moonwalk...the others are just walking backwards!
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LOL that's awesome!
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Very Cute
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I didnร‚ยดt see it before!....... awesome!...
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Awesome! Of course if I tried doing the moonwalk, I'd probably end up falling over something.
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That is such a great site. I should put my brothers video up. He's far more coordinated than I am.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
the others are just walking backwards!
That would be me!, and then i'd probably fall over

That bloke from Madrid who spun around and his glasses went whizzing off
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That is SO COOL! What a wonderful idea! I'm sure Michael himself would love it.
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OMG that is great! Michael I am sure would love this!
Now, if there were only a way to harness all the static electricity being generated form the all the folks feet, it could power a small country! (or at least stick balloons to walls and annoy everyone by sneaking up and shocking them)
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