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Cello bit me! (Not in the friendly way)

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This is the third time he has bit me/attacked me. The first two times I was in hysterics and obviously the emotion got to him and we had to be in separate rooms, both times he bit me to the point where I was bleeding pretty badly, but I understand and if I feel myself getting overly emotional now, I make sure we are in different rooms!

Today it was different, and kinda funny to be honest. My brother and I were playing rock band and doing a ridiculous duet. I was singing in a really high pitch voice to a very fast song and just butchering it, it might very well have sounded when I'm really upset! And he just couldn't take it anymore! (I guess my singing was that awful) he ran up and bit me pretty hard, but didn't break the skin this time, as soon as we turned the song off, he was back to his normal sweet amazing siamese self.

I will never understand these cats! But I love them unconditionally anyways.
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Oh goodness! I had a good laugh when I read this, it reminded me of the time when I was in the shower belting out songs. I had watched American Idol the night before and I was singing Dream On by Aerosmith.

Well, when I got to the end part, that is the infamous "scream" part, well personally, I thought I had a done a pretty decent job of it but Samson thought differently! He came tearing into the bathroom like he was on fire, crouched down low both ears flattened completely back with this wild-eyed freaked out look that said "What the hell was that!?!?! Do we need to evacuate?!?!?!"

Needless to say I don't sing that song anymore!

P.S. Did I mention that his fur was also standing on end?!
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When I practice the piano or organ or vocalise, Zane tends to yowl. Sometimes when I'm vocalizing, he yowls in key!
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Guess you could say that Cello gave you a pretty sharp critique of your singing!
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Hmmmm, guess like Cello gives your song a one paw down. I'm glad he didn't break skin, though. I'm also glad you figured out what most likely sets him off.
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