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Oh, life is tough!

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Miss Cally wanted me to show you guys just how rough she has it. Man, the indoor life is just awful!

She has to sleep on hard, uncomfortable surfaces.

And there is no one to fluff her pillows for her!

I mean, gosh, what's a girl gotta do to get some amenities in life?!
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What a rough life she has! Why are you not catering to her every whim, giving her a soft place to sleep, and fluffing her pillows?!
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Bless her heart! To work so hard and have to put up with this! She sure does have a cute tummy, though.
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Aw Pam thats so sweet What an angel you are rescuing this little Queen Im glad to hear she settled right in Those pink little paw pads
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It's great to see cute Miss Cally living a life of ease. She certainly deserves it!
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It may not be easy to get used to living with humans, but Callie sure has gotten used to living in the lap of luxury. Every queen should be treated as such!
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Just how every gorgeous kitty should be
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My Maggie has it a tuff life too. You know they work hard being cute all day & no one is around to see it!
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