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Any other cats like to change thier minds about food preferences?

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I've noticed lately that my cats get funny about food sometimes. Well Maggie & Jordan do anyway. I had fed NB wet for a year or 2 & suddenly Maggie wouldn't eat it anymore. I gave them some last night & she ate it great??? Then what's worse is that now that Jordan is feeling better he will eat any wet food I put in front of him, but he will only eat a dry food for a couple weeks, then he changes his mind. So are my cats that only crazy one's who get picky about their food & is it reasonable to feed a mixture of food all the time to prevent them from getting bored? (My RB kitty Smokey ate the same dry food every day for 15 years, untill she got CRF, and she never complained. What is wrong with these goffy cats of mine? )
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I use a variety of foods here and you can watch them change what they consume... some days it'll be food A other days food B

But i think that only makes sense i mean, in the wild one day it's a bunny, next day a mouse lol
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Our last 2 family pets have had this thing about wet food. They latch onto a flavor they like and eat it straight for about 6 months or more then suddenly want nothing to do with it. You flounder around buying cans of kitty food for a while before they fixate on another type.

There were only a few generalities you could make about what kinds of things they like to eat.

Gracie was a bird cat, almost anything chicken flavor was okay, although late in her life she developed a taste for fish. She generally disliked dry cat food and would supplement her diet with critters caught fresh.

Midori is less specific about flavors, her and Aya (who lives 8000 miles away -proof that kitties are telepathic) are both on a beef kick right now, but one consistant fact about Midori is that she likes gravy. You have to mush the meat bits so she'll eat them too though. Its mostly a treat for her as she gets most of her food (by her preference) from kibble. She is 'kibble challenged' only eats pellets like in SD. We recently discovered why. she ahs bad teeth. She is now on SD T/D for her teeth and my mom ahs to hand cut the kibble in halves for her (one by one).

Aya likes beef and is the only cat I have that loves pate style food (good because there is not the selection here as in the states). Most Japanese cat food is just shreded fish bits and/or junk in juice. As a kitten she ate lots of tuna, but went off it a few months back. She'll also eat any dry I put in from of her RC, SD, Purina, etc....
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My girls get dry food only, and I have no idea if they ever go off it That's all they get, so nobody's ever noticeably complained. They love their food anyway.
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When there are 4 of them it's hard to please everyone. Last night I tried C.N. wet food. Nice & Smelly thought oh Maggie will eat this. WRONG. She sniffed it once & turned her nose up at it. I tried mushing some FF in with it, she spent a couple minuets trying to pick out the FF & walked away. Needless to say she was HUNGRY this morning. The boys all ate it fine. Yesterday morning I started feeding Inova dry, Jordan is happy with that for now, but I still have some TOTW & also a small bag of EVO for him to try. I miss cats who aren't picky about thier food.
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LOL! I'm not the only one! Nabu decided he didn't like Friskies wet anymore. All of them stopped eating Iams Healthy Naturals after a long time of liking it. We even switched flavors--from Chicken to Salmon. For a while I was feeding plain old Cat Chow, everyone liked it for a while. Then Nabu tired of that too. It seems if I mix foods he doesn't get bored as fast. He also likes small pieces of dry food.

So now I have enough cat food in my cabinets to survive the apocalypse. Lots of canned and dry food. I'm mixing Iams Digestive Care and Wellness Indoor for dry. And they are eating Fancy Feast for wet right now, until they change their minds.
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My boys get fed up with brands after a certain point. They ate solely nutro wet for like 6 months and then refused it, so I switched to authority wet, they are started to act like they dont want it again so I just ordered from petfooddirect to help switch up their brands--still offer authority but now offer california natural as well as EVO so they don't get stuch on one brand--plus those brands make larger cans and feeding three now, I need the larger cans.

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