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how young can cats get pregant??

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I'm wondering what my chances are that the new kitty isadora is pregant? She has all of her adult teeth and the one vet guessed she is around 6 monthes. I'm hoping she isn't because i have found that it is impossible for me to part with kittens! If she does have a litter I would have to find homes for all the babies...might be able to keep two but that would be ALOT of cat since we have eight inside right now. ANYWAY!! I was just wondering what you think the odds are and if there is a way to tell? She goes back to the vet on the 26th.
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but they can start as early as early as 5 months - depends on the cat. Has she shown signs of pregnancy? You should be able tell if your cat is pregnant by the second or third week of the pregnancy, as the nipples of the pregnant female become enlarged and change color to deep pink. Later on, the growing abdomen will become more visible and leave little room for doubt.

Take the cat to see the vet for a prenatal check-up. Your vet will be able to confirm the pregnancy using an ultrasound or other tests

But, if the she is and if the preganancy is not very far along they can spay and end the pregnancy at the same time.
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we had lilly spayed when she was pregant (we didn't know) and i cried for three days and hubby just mopped around so we can't do that again. I will have the vet check when she goes in for her next visit, and I will look at her nipples tonight. If she is we will deal with it.

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Oh you two are just too sweet!!
Crossing my fingers that she is not - even though I would love to see more kitten pics and hear more kitten stories.
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