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Well they finally did it....

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My boys have been fighting for some time now. Well early this morning Oscar was instigating(sp) again and he got hurt this time. Sammycat finally just had enough and ripped Oscar open behind his ear kicking him with his back feet. Tore him up pretty good before I could get out of the bed to put a stop to it.

Oscar is at the vet now to see if he needs any stiches or anything. My poor baby
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OUCH1 Poor baby! While he is gone make sure to trim all the nails of the offender. Keeping the nails trimed will minimise damage.
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ouch is right! I hope oscar JUST needs stitches...
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awww poor little kitty i hate it when my boys fight
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Oh no Hope he'll be ok.
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yeah my 2 girl cats fight with my sisters boy kitty well it more like the other way around! I hope they never get that serious in fighting!
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How's Oscar now?? I hope he is alright! Make sure and keep those claws trimmed at least do it every 2 weeks...this is what my vet tells me to do.I take Rocky in to get his done since he is sooooo impossible for me...he WILL bite me, and I am not a professional at it so I will pay the extra $5.00 to have it done...
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Ouch! I hope he's OK . . . how did it go at the vet?
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Oscar is going to be fine. The Vet said that the wound was not deep enough for stiches. But I am to clean it twice a day with peroxide and cover it then with Neosporin ointment to help keep down infection. I am to take him back in on Monday just for a recheck. Before then if I notice any redness or oozing coming from the place.

Now to go in there and tackle Sammycat and trim up those claws:chicken: I know there maybe a fight on my hands but hey you do what you have to right????
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So did you survive the nail trimming? Hope YOU didn't get torn up like the last victim!
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I have to dig out the old armour for protection when I do nails! Well mostly it is for the bath time really. They would love it if it was just a nail trim.
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Poor Oscar! I hope he recovers from his injuries soon!
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I hope Oscar and You both recover.. LOL knowing sammycats backround of course I know you will probably get ruffed up LOL I am too afraid to trim my kitties nails !!! LOL I have seen what they do to me when I want to clean their ears non the less do a bath, nails.. etc!!
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Well we survived the nail trimming......Whew!!!! that was a job. Just a few battle scars to show for it. What is it about Manx kitties are they all kind of stung out Seems like Sammycat gets possessed with a demon at times. The look in his eyes will put the fear of cats into ya
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Zoey starts whining and biting my hands when I try to trim her nails!
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