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New appartment

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I am so happy, because my fiance, my two cats (Zoe and Tania) and I just move in a new appartment. It's very big and perfect for our cats. They are both adjusting really good and they will have a huge room just for them with plenty of cat stuffs. I want to buy a big cat tree, but it's very expensive, maybe I could build one.... Anyways, I am so happy because I will get to be a foster home too, since I have an extra room where I could comfortably install the foster cats. When I will be all installed, I will take in a mother and her kittens.

I hope you guys are all doing well. I haven't been here in a little while, but it always makes me feel better to read your posts. It is such a great community here!

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That sounds like a wonderful apartment! I hope you do decide to foster, as there are so many cats needing it.
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Oh, I will for sure!
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Congrats on your new place!!! I cant wait until I have an extra room, but I will probably use it as my own personal sanctuary/office to be honest
Good luck getting everything set up just as you like!
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Congrats on your new place, it sounds lovely
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Congratulations on your new apartment! And kudos to you for fostering.
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Thank you all! There are still a few boxes laying around, but we're getting there. I can't wait!
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Congratulations! Post a few pictures of your new apartment and the kitties when you get a chance.
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