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My RB babies- Shadow and Midnight

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I don't have a lot of pictures of them because I lost quite a few when the hard drive crashed a couple of years ago. What I do have left I cherish (and moved to a flash drive!). These are the best of them.

I brought them home a week apart. They were from different litters, but the same age. As little kittens they would snuggle together in a towel lined cardboard box top beneath a lamp in the living room. Shadow liked to irritate his "sister" but they were pretty tight and enjoyed each others company.

Midnight is in front, Shadow is behind her.

Shadow is in front in this one. He was a good sized boy. I nicknamed him "Biggins".

Shadow. He like to lay with his leg out like that.

I love this picture and the "What the deuce!?!" look on Charlotte's face. This was taken a few weeks after I brought the kittens home. Charlotte was sleeping on the desk beside the monitor and Shadow plopped down right on top of her. This was before he was diagnosed as hyperthyroid.

Midnight is the one staring at me. She was a little sweetie. I can see a lot of her in Charlotte, except Charlotte is a lot pushier.

One of my favorite pics of Shadow. He loved the warmth of the lamp.

Shadow staring poor little Everest down. As a kitten, Ev was in awe of Shadow.

My favorite picture of them together.


I apologize if the thread too heavy pictures. I wasn't sure if I should split them up or not.

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post

I love this picture they are so beautiful

RIP sweethearts
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As a black cat fan, I love your pictures of Shadow and Midnight. They were a pair of truly gorgeous cats. Thank you for sharing them with us.
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beautiful cats! I love black cats..ok..I own 2...and I grey one.
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Aw, Shadow and Midnight are beautiful cats.

I have two black cats named Shadow and Raven, and Raven was Midnight before I adopted him, so your two RB babies are especially tugging at my heart.
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What a gorgeous pair of kitties! I love that pic of the two of them
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They are beautiful
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Thank you so much for sharing their pictures, Bryan!
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Awww they'll be happy and healthy at the bridge until you see them again.

That picture of the two of them together is so precious
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Awww Bryan, they are gorgeous
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cute cats! My grandma used to have a cat just like your Midnight..and it was named Midnight too.
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Thank you for your kind words about Shadow and Midnight.
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