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I had tickets to go see Aerosmith this Thursday. But I just got an email from livenation that the show has been postponed and there is no make up date yet.
I'm so mad! And depressed! I was looking forward to this concert!

To make matters worse we already had hotel reservations and had made arrangements to use my stepmoms car and now we dont know what to do. We may still go and just make it a girls trip and have some fun.

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Sorry about the postponement. Man, Aerosmith puts on a great show. I last saw them in 1988 with Guns-n-Roses.
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That is very disappointing, hopefully the show will be re-booked or they will offer some form of compensation for your tickets.
However the trip itself sounds like fun..
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yeah I have to mail the tickets back to be reimbursed. But I am hoping its reimbursed with new tickets rather than money. I bought the tickets on a one day only sale so they were only $15 instead of $40 so I hope we dont have to just buy new ones because I doubt I would get that same sale... I dont know though. I have to call them later on and ask
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The CO who organizate this give a good excuse about the delay?....
so sorry...
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Steven Tyler pulled a leg muscle
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Yeah I hope thats all it is!

I did find out today that they are going to accept the tickets we have at the concerts new date whenever that is.
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I saw them years ago and ended up standing directly in front of Steven Tyler. Don't know how that happened. They were fantastic. Now it's going to drive me crazy until I figure out who opened for them.
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I did find out today they are just going to honor the tickets from this concert at the rescheduled one. Now I just need them to figure out when they are going to do it so I can ask off for work! Seesh!

But on the bright side we are still going to take our girls trip, but we are going to Knoxville tomorrow to see my Beau and then Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg on Friday. I'm sure we will still have a blast!
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