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Need some suggestions

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Okay, I have a friend who is going to need surgery to take her gall bladder out, and I thought it would be nice to send her a get well card, and one of those "chicken soup in a jar" things (where you basically have all the ingredients you need in a nice jar, so that they just have to add water and chicken).

I got all the ingredients I need, but they didn't have proper jars at the store. So, improvising, I got some of those Ziploc "Twist 'n Loc" containers - they're microwavable and freezable, so I thought maybe they could store extra soup in there too.

What I didn't realize is that the recipe was made to fit in a jar holds approx. 2 cups, while the containers I have hold around 4 cups.

So what I'm looking for is suggestions on how I can fill the extra 2 cups so that everything doesn't get shaken up and unpretty during mailing. Noodles are included in the mix, but I think adding another two cups of noodles would be too much, wouldn't it?

Or should I just go back out and buy jars of the proper size at another store? I'd really rather not go back out tonight, and I'd really like to send it out by tomorrow! Sending it out tomorrow is preferable to other options though.

Hoping some of you creative cat lovers out there can help me with a solution! Thanks!
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Can you just double the recipe? (What a nice thing to do!)
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It already makes 8 cups of soup...i'm a little afraid to double the recipe. I would do it so they could make two batches, but i'm not sure how to separate the two from each other, without involving a plastic bag or something like that.
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Can you just let the jars be half-full and tell her it's because you had to leave room for all the love you put in it?

And what a sweet gift... I'm sure it will mean much more to her than anything you could have bought.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Can you just let the jars be half-full and tell her it's because you had to leave room for all the love you put in it?

And what a sweet gift... I'm sure it will mean much more to her than anything you could have bought.

Haha, maybe. It won't be as pretty as it could be when its layered, but between her and her husband, out of 8 cups of soup, they'd probably have about four left, and that would fit perfectly in the container.

If I can't come up with a space filler, I'll probably just do that. Thanks for the suggestion!
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maybe put a second batch in a plastic bag in the top with a note?
Or maybe a cookie mix in a plastic bag with something that said some thing sweet for such a sweet person or something like that
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What about cutting out a circle of cardboard covered with plastic wrap to fit over the soup contents, then adding a baggie of goodies on top? (my thoughts were that the cardboard plus the weight of something on top, should help keep it in position for shipping...)

that is a very thoughtful gift
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Well, as it turns out, since I bought "wide" egg noodles instead of "medium" ones, I think I can fill it enough without it looking really empty. But because its not tightly packed, I have a feeling it won't stay at all layered during shipping. Oh well, it will still taste nice, I hope. I appreciate all the suggestions though!
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That sounds like a nice gift.
I just had the same surgery last monday and see th surgeon tomorrow.
When is she having surgery?
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We don't know yet - she's seeing her doctor tomorrow to see when they can schedule it.

My dad's had the same surgery, so I could give her a little bit of info about it at least, as far as recovery time and what not, if they do it laproscopically, which they probably will.

How was the experience for you? I was thinking about you and sending vibes, even though I didn't post it in the thread.
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I got very sick from the anesthesia.
I am pretty good with pain.
I was lucky and got called to come in early.
I am not allowed to lift over 15 pounds for 6 weeks.
The surgery took 90 minutes and it was lapo.
Tell you friend it is not that bad.
Th worst part for me was the throwing up non stop after.
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Yuck, I bet the afterwards was not nice. I've been lucky enough to not have a bad reaction to anethesia yet - my brother was really sick after getting his wisdow teeth pulled.

Thanks for the reassurance, I'm sure she'll appreciate that too.
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It gets worse.
I do not remmeber anything after the o.r.until I threw up.
They said I pulled the I.V. out and refused pain meds.
You should see how my hand looked after that.
I am telling the surgeon tomorrow that I am sorry for what ever I did.
It was all from the anesthesia.
I do remember everything before the o.r.
Your friend will be ok but should be tired.

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