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I have a short-hair male cat, just over a year old. The last three days he has been vomiting, once a day. I was thinking he was just hacking on a furball because he doesn't appear sick at all. He's playing with the other cats, this eyes are clear, his coat is shiney...

None of the other 3 cats are having problems and thier diet hasn't changed at all.

Should I make a trip to the vet?
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Not that I want to get graphic here- so I will be as non-descriptive as I can.

If he is hacking up fair amounts of liquid, you want to get him to the vets and quickly. If he is hacking up food particles, you want to take a telephone book and place it on the floor and put his food bowl on top of that, to elevate it off the floor.

Remember you are feeding the cat, and not the bowl, so try not to overfeed.

If you are leaving wet food down for more than 20 minutes at a time, it is air spoiling and could be making the cat sick. Even dry food will spoil after awhile, so if you are free feeding, try only feeding small amounts during the day (if possible)
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