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Nina vs. the Pound Purry

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My little foster kitten, Nina, found a Pound Purry to be a good wrestling buddy this evening:

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That Pound Purry doesn't stand a chance, but it doesn't seem to be worried.
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Awww.... how cute is that!!!
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That's so cute, I can imagine him giving off those play growls as he chomps the toy.
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How adorable! I think there was some hug-and-kick action going on there! Maia had a teddy bear she attacked when she was a tot. She would stare it down, lunge, grab it and mouth it's neck then back kick it like she was a lioness! I actually have pics of her doing this. The growing years are so precious!
Thanks for the pics, really them!
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I think Nina's wrestling with the Pound Purry is an indication that I need to see if the rescue has another kitten her age I can foster so she has a real friend to play with. I'll look into it after the recovery period from her surgery (10-14 days) is over, although I'd say she's feeling pretty good.
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Poor pound puppy.
Nina definitely needs a kitty companion.
Pooky Nina
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How cute! Who won the wrestling match? LOL.
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I remember Pound Purries! She was really going after it with gusto!

What about those other kittens that are a possiblity for you to foster? are they ready yet?
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aww thats way too cute
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You go, Nina! You show that Pound Purry who's boss!

It would be great if she got a little friend once she recovers from her surgery. Maybe another little black kitten.

P.S. I love that last picture. Look at those big, beautiful eyes!
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
How cute! Who won the wrestling match? LOL.
She is SO adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She really is Nina Pookie kitty, isn't she?

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Haha! That is sooo cute!
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OMG I wamt her. She is precious.
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