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Animal abuse/neglect by a family member

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If someone in your family was abusing/neglecting an animal would you report them?
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I would not report them, but I would take the matters into my own hands and get the animals out of there. If this person didn't let me do so, I would threaten to report.... if after all that the situation hadn't change, then yes, I would report...
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My opinion may be bias since animals have been my family all my life and my actual "family" not so much. I think that if they are physically abusing a pet, a life that they are responsible for, then they don't deserve to have them. I would first try to take the pet from them, and if that didn't work, I would report them. If it is really severe, they need to answer to this....
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As a last resort I would report them, but as others mentioned, I would try to resolve the situation/recover the animals on my own first.
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I would report them if they would not give me the cat or if it were a dog, find a good home for it. NOT a shelter.
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In a situation of abuse, yes I'd report them.
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Geez. That would be a terrible situation to be in.

I agree that I would act as the situation dictated and only report them as a last resort if the issue cannot be resolved without involving the authorities.

Is this an issue you currently are dealing with?
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Well I do know of someone who has a cat that needs medical attention and it seems the cats health is declining due to lack of veterinary care. Teeth are rotted and mouth smells very bad and cat is loosing weight) I have tried explaining why the cat needs to see a vet, but my relative doesnt agree the cat is and said it's an animal it will be fine.

I made the poll just as a general poll curious to see how others would react too.
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Keithp, give them a warning. tell them that they have two weeks to show you proof / receipt of vetinary care or out of concern you will need to inform an animal protection organization so that they can monitor the situation.

If the relative refuses - you gave them fair warning. call your local RSPCA. I think, they don't always take the animal off the owner, most of the time, they will try to enforce care and give the owner a chance since some owners are dumb creatures, and they monitor it - like social services for children, depending on severity.

Ie, in your case, they'd probably give an ultimatum, get vetinary care or we will take your animal. Then they'd come back in a few days and if the situation isnt resolved with proof, then they'll take control.

If the cat is loosing weight and looks poorly, you need to step in to some degree before its too late. Give the owner a chance, then take matters into your own hands - after all you did warn them.
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