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Update on Wellington

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It is nice to post good news in this forum. Wellington is much better, his voice is coming back and I actually heard him yowl tonight when he found the door handle locked! He does not yet talk to me all the time like usual, but at least he has a voice! He is limping very slightly but you have to look very closely to see it, and the gash on his leg is healing without inflammation. He is noticing Biscotte again, and they curled up my bed together very early this morning. So my boy is well back to his normal loving self and I am so happy. His expression is not fearful any more either, his eyes have lost the scared look they have had for days.
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Oh that is such a relief... it sounds as if he had a nightmarish experience, poor baby...
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Poor baby! But I'm so glad for the good news!

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Great news Jenny
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This is absolutely GREAT news!!!!!!! Awesome!!!
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Poor sweetheart, he obviously had a terrible fright, but being home and cared for and loved has allowed him to get over it. I'm glad he's healing well and feeling like himself. Please give him scritches of relief from his friends here. If only he could tell you what happened.
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I'm so pleased he's getting back to his normal self! to you and Wellington.
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Hugh sigh of relief that Wellington is getting back to himself again. What a scary ordeal for you both.
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I am so glad Wellington is getting better!
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Glad and relieved to hear Wellington is recovering fast.
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What a relief - for Wellington, you and of course Biscotte. Glad to hear the good news Jenny.
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Thank goodness he's better!
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