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Help for a friend's cat

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My co-woker's siamese mixed cat is having issues. This is what I know: she is young adult, spayed, they also hv another male neutered cat and a dog. They live in a townhome and have placed one litter box in the basement. The basement is empty, only the litter boxes and storage. The siamese cat has been peeing at the corners of their living room, on carpet. They are obviously sick of the smell and the cleaning process. I asked him several questions and some answers raised concerns....the main one was that the cat drinks A LOT of water....
This is what I mentioned:
1. Take cat to vet ASAP (I am no expert, but UTI or even Diabetes crossed my mind)
2. More litter boxes and in all floors of the house,not just basement.
3. He is feeding them a very low quality food....for only a couple more dollars a month, to upgrade o something a little better.
4. I gave him some Litter Attract herb mx from Dr Elseys

He is fed up with the situation and might take her to the pound if it doesn't get better. Ifanyone has suggestions, please help me help the little cat.
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Sounds to me like you offered your friend some excellent advice. It's also possible that the home had animals in it before who urinated in those same places. Are they new to the townhouse?

The vet check is a major priority. Once that's done they'll know how to move forward. If it's a health issue it may clear itself up with treatment or as you suggested better food. However, the process may take two steps. Frequently, cats who have a health problem when urinating begin associating the litter box with their pain. Once their pain is under control, they need to be retrained to the box.

A couple of other ideas: Feliway and it may be a good idea to confine the cat to a room like the basement until they can get all the old urine cleaned up. There are a million suggestions on these forums for the best way to do that. I find vinegar works the best and is the most cost effective. A black light in a really dark room will find urine spots they may not have known about.

Good luck!
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Feliway Diffuser is a wonderful product! Before we started using the Feliway synthetic pheromone, our cats fought pretty ferociously. None were ever actually injured, but it was a very real concern. Within a few weeks of starting to use the Feliway in two diffusers, our cats settled down dramatically. Not that they are suddenly best of friends, but the fighting has almost disappeared and when they do fight, the viciousness of their fight is greatly reduced.
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I agree with everything said above, both by Rockstarkitties, Petmate and Howtoholdacat.

Some fill-ups:

I too believe the main problem is something veterinary, as she also drinks much.
But as the peeing may have become a routine, it is good to reverse all possible sources for problems, as already mentioned.

Feliway-diffuser, not spray. Possibly both if they want and afford.
Black light = UV-light.
The litter mustnt be any parfumed litter.
Good if at least one of the new litters have some different cat sand then this they used before. So she wont associate the new cat sand with the old (her probably associating peeing with pain). The new litters somewhere a little covered. In corners for example. Fresh, but not necessarily pure fresh - many cats wants to know it is theirs! So taking out the pee-clumps, do leave some little.

To wash out rests of pee:

For a overall wash is soap good. Yellow soap or geen bolt soap (I really hope the translation is OK - as these ARE useful! ).

Vingegar, or diluted vinegar-spirit, is excellent yes, as it neutralizes the chemicals in urine.
A combination with vinegar treatment and washing off with soap is probably best.
If it is for example a sofa where you cant wash, you can drench the place in this vinegar-dilution, let it dry out, use vacuum cleaner afterwards.

There are also modern enzymatic sprays. Useful especielly if you cant wet too much.

Had there lately been anything new which can have disturbed the cat? And caused the peeing?
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You can buy "Urine Gone" in any drugstore. Use it liberally where she is in the habit of going.

I second taking her to the vet and upgrading the food.
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Originally Posted by StefanZ View Post

For a overall wash is soap good. Yellow soap or geen bolt soap (I really hope the translation is OK - as these ARE useful! ).
Sorry, not sure I follow. Is this a type of soap you'd use on dishes maybe? Like the kind in a bottle that you squeeze out?
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Originally Posted by howtoholdacat View Post
Sorry, not sure I follow. Is this a type of soap you'd use on dishes maybe? Like the kind in a bottle that you squeeze out?
Actually, you can use it on dishes too if you dont have anything else. Or washing clothes if your washing powder is finished and you are in hurry or cant go to the shop....
Quite mild, it is no funny chemicals in there. Made of pine-tree I believe. I saw they made some of it in a paper-factory, as an extra by product...
they had practically no wastes in that paper-factory..

It is usually used for cleaning floor and such. Or very greasy oven.
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Cool, I'll have to look for that. We've a good store here that sells only "green" cleaning products. I bet they'll have it or something similar.
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