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Voting Each Month

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Is there an easier way to find the voting thread for each month besids just coming online and doing a search everyday? I don't seem to have a problem finding the submission threads, but can never seem to find the "vote here" sites. Thanks for your help.
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Do you mean for the photo contests? If so, those are also "stuck" at the top of the Fur Pictures forum for a good couple weeks. The voting itself is only open for 1 week, and then it's up for a while following the completion of the voting so everyone can see the results, signatures, and congratulate the winners.

Unfortunately, as much as I've tried, I just haven't been able to keep to a good schedule with those. I try to start the submissions portion between the 5th and 10th of the month, and then do the voting in between the ending of one month and the start of the next. This month is going to be wierd because we have 2 submission threads to vote on - June and November.
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