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Cat Stroller or carrier with wheels?

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I carry my two cats to the vet in a plastic carrier (do not have a car). Used to be a 5 minute walk. Today we went to a different vet and hope he will be our new guy. But the walk was a painful 15 minute affair now that my kitties total over 18 pounds. They were a total of 9 pounds when I first go them 4 months ago.

I know that there are soft carriers out there with luggage wheels and I've seen someone with a backpack that had wheels. And what about a stroller? That may be great for outings and walks. But I'm afraid of storage (small apartment) and well, I don't want to look like the old crazy cat lady...single and still aiming for dates

Anyhow, would love to read recommendations. Thanks.
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Caution - check the "netting" on the strollers. If its made from the string netting your cat could chew thru the netting and get out. I thought it was made from non-chewable material. Some of the cat enclosures too are made from that same string netting.

I know my cat's could chew thru it and escape in no time. I got to see the strollers up close and found that out!
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I have a stroller for cats and it is very useful for bringing them to the vet and cat shows and things. It is even more useful now since if I bring my large kitten who is 13 lbs and one other cat they weigh about 23 lbs together...
Originally I had one called Pet Gear Travel System stroller. It is built like a soft-sided cat carrier with a stroller base and the carrier part is removable and everything folds up for storage. I really liked this one but now that my kittens are older I can only fit one cat inside it. So recently I got a new one that is larger, the Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller. This one also folds up but does not separate into a carrier and base like the other one. It fits two cats comfortably and three if they are very friendly.
If you're worried about space just get one that folds up and you can store it in a closet or something.
The ones I have don't have netting, they have thick mesh.
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Hi there - I just saw a stroller on Ebay that is VERY affordable, and it might help you a lot...
Here it is:

I buy a lot of things on ebay, andI never had a problem... This seller has 74,000 positive feedbacks - hope it helps you on your trips to the vet!
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Oh wow, that really is a great price. I wonder what the quality is like? For $30, I'm not looking gold but don't want to buy something junky either.

I'm on the fence about stroller. I may just go with a backpack/sherpa bag combination so that way if we either do need to travel, I can use them in the plane cabin.
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