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I helped my little Sheba girl to the bridge this morning around 10 am. We'd been fighting a "lung issue" since March and she was doing pretty darn well I thought. On Saturday, she stopped eating and on Sunday she was very warm so I took her into the vet. He did a new film and the "mass" in her lung had grown, so we almost certainly knew it was cancer. He gave her meds for fever and she had a great afternoon and evening last night. She ate, drank, roamed around, it was lovely.

This morning she did not come to breakfast and I couldn't find her in the backyard. I had to take my dd to swim practice at 6 am, so left my husband to search the yard. He found her under a shrub at 7 and said she was very lethargic. I told him to take her to the vet's and I would get there ASAP.

I got there at 9 and knew by looking at her that she probably wouldn't come home. The vet suggested doing a needle biopsy to know definitively what was going on and in 10 min I had my answer: primary adenocarcinoma of the lung---CANCER. He suggested some steroids to help her perk up and give us a bit of time but I chose to help her to the bridge today. She'd not yet lost any weight, but she was struggling today and her eyes looked "dead." She was ready....I was not...but it's not about me.

She passed peacefully and I put my head on her chest as she crossed to the bridge. It was such a relief to hear that rattle in her chest stop and to know she could breathe freely again.

I love you nice at the bridge.

Sheba June 21, 2006-July 6, 2009
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She was almost exactly the same age as my two kittens...that's tooooooo young

Play on at the Bridge, Sheba
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Sheba was a very beautiful cat, and I know you will all miss her very much.
You did the right thing. R.I.P. Sheba
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I'm so sorry for your loss
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Such a beautiful girl - may we all be blessed with the strength to help our babies, when it's time, as you did Sheba. Prayers for you all.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of Your Pretty Girl. Rest in Peace Sheba.
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I am so sorry for your loss... RIP Sheba...
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I'm sorry for your loss. Doing the right thing always hurts the most. Rest in peace, Sheba.
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I'm so sorry about Sheba. You definitely did the right thing, don't ever doubt yourself on that.

I think there's a reason why some pets don't live very long- maybe to show or teach us something during their short lives
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Thank you all for the kind replies.

I'm so filled with sadness....

My little girl was my little "nurse." I no longer work outside the home as I have a neuromuscular disease. From the very first day I had Miss Sheebs, she would accompany me to the shower and sit patiently, watching me while I showered. After she'd weave in and out between my legs, "drying" them. I'd then put her on the counter so she could "do my hair" and she'd put her paws in it and rub her face in my wet hair. She had just stopped doing that on Saturday.

She was also my "secretary" and would rush to the printer and fax machine whenever it turned on. She'd watch intently to make sure everything went OK.

I know I did the right thing. She told me with her eyes. She was just so young....why????

I miss her so tonight...
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I am so so sorry for your loss

RIP Sheba you beautiful little girl
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I'm so sorry, what a pretty little girl she is

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Sheba

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Such a beautiful girl. I`m so sorry you lost her

Rest In Peace Sheba All your pain is gone now sweetpea.
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It's never easy whether they are 2 months, 2 years or 20 years. It is sad when you are hoping for many more years with them. RIP Sheba. You were loved.
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Hugs and prayers for your loss. What a beautiful girl! She's now healthy and spending her time playing and napping, just waiting to see you again.
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Thank you again for your kind words. The support is wonderful.

It's so hard. I'm missing Sheba like crazy, and her brother Ziggy is wandering and crying for her. It's so sad.

I've heard from the vet about Sheba's necropsy. She had one large tumor in the left lung. However, it had outgrown it's blood supply and the center had died and abscessed. That now explains her sudden decline/fever, etc. There was nothing to be done....

Another photo of my beauty:

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Cally, she was such a beautiful girl.

I'm so sorry for your loss!
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i know you're hurting - even tho you made the loving choice. hopefully, this will help, somewhat...

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Rest in Peace Sheba. I am so sorry for your loss. Cancer is so harsh.
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Just testing the beautiful signature Laureen made me.

Thanks, Laureen!
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Originally Posted by CatMom2Wires View Post
Just testing the beautiful signature Lauren made me.

Thanks, Lauren!
you're welcome!
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Sorry for your loss R.I.P Sheba
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