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Is there a dry cat food that is

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grain free? I am feeding wet to all my cats, but it is breaking the bank, yet I hate to feed dry. But I may have to go back to it. Thanks
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Innova Evo, Wellness Core, Before Grain, Solid Gold (indigo I believe). Those are only a few. I know if you look thru the forum you will find lots of them
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Taste of the wild is another one, also acana and orijen
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Taste of the Wild seems to be the most reasonably priced grain free dry. Many local feed and seed type stores carry this brand.

Acana and Orijen are grain free and made by the same company.

Others are:

Blue Buffalo
Go Natural
Natures Variety
Natural Balance (green pea and duck)
Wellness Core
Solid Gold Indigo
Before Grain

That's all that come to mind and I may have missed a few.
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all the info! I really have to do something. I wrote all them down and will start checking them out. Hope they will eat it!
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My boys eat taste of the wild also. They like the taste, I like the price!
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I bought a small bag of Wellness Core since I had a coupon, but will try TOTW next.
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Here are all the grain-free cat foods listed on Hopefully you'll find one for your budget.
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is driving me crazy! What are your thoughts on Before Grain dry and Natural
Balance? Also Wellness. I am agonizing over this because it goes against everything I have been trying to do. I know wet is best, but I don't have a choice anymore. Too expensive. I am trying to find the lowest carb, fiber and protein counts. Also, want the biggest bag I can buy. I have 11 cats. I know it sounds like a lot but they have their own area of the house so my hubby and I can live fur free. We have one who lives right with us though. A couple of months ago, I only had 7 but took in a pregnant mom and found homes for 4 of the six babies. All of my original gang is adult or senior now and I know high protein is not the best for kidney function in older animals. Slowly I know the number of cats I have will go down. Four or five are already over 10 years old. Any information would be appreciated. My brain is on overload. Thanks guys.
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Taste of The Wild has a good price and most cats seem to like the taste.

The Natural Balance that is grain free is green pea and duck. I am not familiar with this one, but think I have read that most of the protein comes from peas.....not sure. I have not used the Before Grain or Wellness Core.

You could do a search from the upper right of this section and get more info on these others.

I thought I would let you know about TOTW being a good price.

Good luck narrowing down the choices and hoping your crew is pleased.
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