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A few of my crew...

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Rossi and Tiko sharing a bit of a snooze.

Tiko mugging it up.

Bayliss, never one for modesty, showing the world his bay-kini.

Chance taking a break. Methinks he's learning to love indoor life.

Chance playing "King of the Camper".

Priss being a diva.

An older one of Sasha, but one of my faves.

Thanks for viewing!
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Beautiful, gorgeous kitties!
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Absolutely gorgeous Love the one of Bayliss in his Bay-kini
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Aw, your cats are sooo cute! Love the pic of Sasha!
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I love that Bayliss has a wittle bikini! Too adorable! Rossi reminds me of my Pirate- so cute when he sleeps! Very purrrrty kitties! (sry, couldn't resist )
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Those were great! Have to agree with the others, Bayliss has a perfect bikini line!!
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Great pics! The one of Bayliss and the bay-kini is good

That is so sweet how Chance is loving being inside
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We have many of the same pieces of cat furniture! Your photos are wonderful.
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They are all just adorable, but Tiko is something special. I just LOVE red tabby boys!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I just LOVE red tabby boys!
Me too!
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