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Daily Thread: Monday July 6

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Morning peeps

It's supposed to be a nice day here.

Nothing much planned, I have physio today.

Have a good Monday.
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I'm working. I'll be here until about 1:30, then I'll head to the gym and then home for class at 5. Weather is supposed to be fairly nice all week - highs in the upper 80's and only the occasional shower. I have two take-home mid-terms that are due this week, so I'll be working on those after class. If I get finished up tonight, I'll probably read a bit and just relax. Not much else going on today. Hope everybody has a good one.
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Morning All!!

Well at least we had one nice sunny day and now the rain has returned. Woke up to high winds and a thunderstorm this morning.

Not a whole lot planned for the day, have to pick up a couple of items then most likely just putter around the house this afternoon.

I have a bit of a sore throat so hope I am not coming down with something..

The kitties had breakfast, looked at the rain for a minute and decided to go back to bed. They are now three little lumps on my bed, I throw the comforter over them rather then disturb them.

Everyone have a super day
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Good morning everyone!

I'm off to work in a bit - it loks like we'l be getting some rain today so that means a chunk of my day will be taken up dealing with the leaky rof at work. (I really cannot wait for them to fix the dang thing). I've got a biunch of stuff ot get ordered before I leave on Wednesday - I get to go to a conference in Chicago this week, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Other then that...cats have eaten. Cotton sems to have forgiven me for giving him a differnt can of food last night. DH still isn't ou of bed soI'l have to go oust him before I leave.

Hope everyone's day goes well.

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Good afternoon... (yep, i'm a bit late with this today)

Hope all of you are having good days, or for those whose days started out crappy, that they ended up getting better.

Work is extremely slow now, and my boss said it's not time to go into nervous/panic mode yet, but time for anxious mode. Which of course makes me nervous/panic. I'll get through it though, nothing definite happening yet.

With the lovely warm weather in the LBC I'm going to bike to the pet food store to stock up on Wellness Turkey cans, since Genever won't eat the fishy cans we have. That cat's going to turn into a turkey soon!!
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Good evening all!!

Fancy that I'm tired!! Woke up at 4 am and couldn't fall back asleep ( I had an hour left).
Worked 6-12 then quick changed and worked at client for a little over 3 hours, Came home unloaded the truck (lots of brush and tree limbs) and reloaded it for tomorrow.

Neck and shoulder really stiff. Will jump in whirlpool bathtub in a bit. Cold front moving into the area this evening so it will be good sleeping and good working outside tomorrow.
Hoping for a good nights sleep as I haven't had one of those in several days!!
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