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Sneezing again, still?

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I was here a bit ago... Levi and Samantha are my kitties and had colds that were treated with antibiotics after Levi brought home this URI from an awful stay at the vet.

WELL, they got better, I think and have been sneezing for about a month I think?? Not always, but everyday. I am still paying off the last 250.00 vet round from Jan and Feb and can't afford to take them again.

Can sneezing ever be good? Other than the sneezes, they are perfectly fine, except Levi is a brat, but health wise, they eat, play, poop, you know, everything is fine.

So, do I freak out and take them, which is impossible? Anything I can buy at the pet store to help? I just can't lose another pet after losing 2 in one year, 1 cat to cancer and a chinchilla to old age or heart attack.

Any advice would help.

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They are probably chronic carriers of the Herpes virus... My Bugsy is like that - he sneezes every day, 2-3 times a day.
I keep all kitties on L-Lysine to prevent URIs, and since I started consistently adding it to their water Bugsy hasn't gotten sick yet.

ETA: L-Lysine is know as a cat immune system booster, helping him to fight whatever he has, even if it is not the herpes virus... I buy in in powder, NOW brand, making it easier to mix into water or their food. If you buy capsules, you can just open it up as well. I give Bugsy 500mg/day, and when he has a flare up, 1g. Ask your vet about it - it won't hurt!
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My cat Fangs has alot of other problems as well, described in this thread but she also sneezed alot and had nasal mucus. I gave her a bath with baby shampoo and her sneezing seemed to abate. But her problems are very different.

Bathing is a very low cost option to explore anyway. If you do it, fill several large pots with warm water and then use a cup to slowly pour the water over them. At first I tried with the removable shower head hose, and the cat really hated that. Also you should do it with two people and one person should hold the cat from its nape like how mother cats carry around their kittens, so the cat knows who is dominate and submissive.
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They could be chronic carriers of a number of virus's.

My Kizzy is....and when he has an outbreak, he sneezes alot, gets some eye discharge and is a little more laid back. Nothing that antibiotics would help and nothing that my vet can do about it.

In my case, Lysine does nothing, as we're pretty confident Kizzy does not carry the herpes virus, but one of the many other virus's out there. Though lysine treatment doesn't hurt as long as you dose properly.

And yes, sometimes sneezes can be good (dust up the nose that they are trying to rid themselves of).

How many sneezes a day would you say? Any boogers? If so, what colour?

Freaking out won't help Bringing the cats into the bathroom and running the shower (or while you are having a shower) may help (the steam).... Lysine may or may not help as it only helps virus's related to the herpes virus (you can buy it at walmart).
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