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Life's a beach

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Yesterday, Mommy was acting weird in the morning. She wouldn't feed me and she was packing my stuff in a bag?? I was really confused. She then told me to go in to my carrier and so I did. She gave me a treat and said I was a "good boy" and that I made "mamma proud". Well, she put me in the car and we started driving. I began to think that we were going to the....V E T.... so I pretended to dissappear and close my eyes. If I cant see her, she can't see me.

But, this car ride was longer then usual. It was 2 hours longer then usual. We stopped a couple of times and she gave me a few treats and I got to smell the air. It was so different!

We finally got to this place called a "beach". I never heard of it before and I never went to one. Mommy got all our stuff and took us to a very big litterbox. It was strange. We were sitting in the shade and noticed it was a quiet beach with about five families. It was warm and sunny and it wasn't WINDY. Mommy took me out and I decided to explore. Unfortunatly, Mommy had me on a leash and harness so I couldn't play in the woods. We walked around a little bit. I really wanted to go in a bush but Mommy said that it was "poison ivy" and that I would be a sick kitty if I did. Mommy took me to my least favourite part. She said I needed to "gain expirience" and that "some cats never do this in their lives". She made me stand near a big water bowl. I thought she was going to give me a B A T H. I was a little panicky but I calmed down because I didn't want any lady cats see me as a weakling. I touched the water with my paws and licked it twice!

And so throughout the day I would go in my carrier and then Mommy would let me out so I could explore. I got so tired of exploring, running, jumping and sun tanning that I slept through the whole ride home. When we got home, Mommy gave me a wet wipe "wipe down" and brushed out all my sand while calling me "sandy claws". Sometimes I don't understand her one bit.

Mommy said my next field trip will be a picnic in the park. I can't wait!
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Glad you had fun at the beach Cile!
When my meowmy used to scuba dive, I'd spent the weekend at the seashore. I spent most of the time indoors in the beach house but in the evening when meowmy had her dinner outside, I'd lounge on the chair beside her and enjoy the sea breeze. I avoided the sand. It made me sneeze.
Regards, Joji
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Oh my... too funny - very cute, especially:
We finally got to this place called a "beach". I never heard of it before and I never went to one. Mommy got all our stuff and took us to a very big litterbox.
This inspires me to take mine to the park... Maybe they'd like it??
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That's so cute! I've only gotten to the hallway stage with Genever, but we actually live pretty much on the beach (10 floors up) and I'd love to take her out there and see if she likes it, since she loves digging in her litterbox. Although i tried taking her in the elevator to go get the mail once and she got the poofy tail, so we quickly got back out of the elevator.. Maybe if i put her in the carrier to go all the way downstairs..
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I must say it was a funny day. He had loved the sand yet he didn't go potty in it until the very end of the day. He was veeeerrryyyy curious. And yes, he was squeemish to sit near the water. I picked him and carried him till we were a good five feet away from the water and he became antsy. A very successful day in the end.

And I say TAKE THEM TO THE PARK! It's fascinating to see them in unfamiliar territory and it's especially funny when they are being driven home because they just sleep (atleast Cile did)

Currently, Cile (TSEE-LEH) is playing with one of my velcro hair curlers! Just thought I'd point that out!
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Sounds like a great time! From an interesting viewpoint...
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