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Vibes for a good work week

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This week is a very busy week for me.

It started this morning when I went to my large commercial client to spray some of their shrubs for a devastating insect pest. Came home and called my new client and asked if I could work there for a few hours today.

She said ok and I was there four hours, part of it weeding (in the sun-need to bring a larger container of water!!) Thankfully the weeds are pulling real easy.

Anyhow tomorrow thru Saturday I open at work. Six days of 6 am until 12 noon. Haven't ever worked or opened that many days in a row before.
But after I do this stint I quickly eat, change and go back to my new clients home to continue on the massive weeding/pruning then mulching project.
I think I have about 8 more hours left for sure. I'm only going to attempt 3 hours at a time however as I don't want to get too tired out!!

So tonite we grilled out lots of stuff to have on hand and (insert gasp) I picked up a box of hamburger helper for a quick meal!!

The extra $$ the new client brings will be nice as my business account will needs all the funds it can get as I have to write my big check for my wood chipper purchase at the end of the month. I try not to have my account go under a certain balance and its going to get close.

The only problem I can see is that it continues to be very dry here and I won't be able to water my gardens before work. But we are watering now and hopefully will get some rain this week. The temps are to stay in the mid to upper 70's which will help alot. And the cats will get a bit less attention.

Oh and my gardens need some serious attention in spots-oh well I'm get to them in a week as the weeds aren't certainly going anywhere!
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Mega that all goes well, and you aren't too tired out....
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I'm tired just reading about your week!

Lots of vibes that it goes well!

Don't burn yourself out!
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Lots of energy and I hope everything goes well vibes coming your way....

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Hope it started off well Gail
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Not busy at work and got three hours in a the new clients house.
I have stiff neck and shoulders and am tired. (lost 3.5 pounds since this morning too)

Have to haul lots of brush tomorrow I might pay to dump at landfill vs driving all the way home to dump it. The lady commented on how "clean" it looks!!

Was motivated to do a bit of housekeeping but that urge has now passed!
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Gail!......Of course count with my serious good wishes......
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