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It has been a while since been on here, but I do remember some members were in the Lansing area and I neeeeed a sitter for 2 cats from "approx." July 15th to July 20th. Maybe some of you have friends or family in this area also and could also suggest someone. I would definitely be interested in sitter swapping too if you are in the area.

The standby sitter won't be back until the 2nd or 3rd week in Aug. My husband is basically on call all the time and could be on a plane to an account in hours, ie he is not really reliable. I have tried asking co- workers, high school/ college students , and the neighbors I kinow have very small children.

Just a little FYI. The cats have no medical problems so no pills etc. One is Super super shy, the other is a "feed me my canned food and pay attention to me" type.
I just found out also might need someone around Aug. 13-17 too.

This is the first time I have been in such a bind. Heck, I stayed home over the 4th because did not have anyone to look in on them, hubby was not at all happy and went with the boys . They have never ridden in the car more than to vets and it would have been about a 3.5 hour trip which was fair to them for that long. Only another cat lover would understand all this, I found out.

Your help would greatly greatly be appreciated.

Thanks so much,