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Tell me one good thing about your day, one thing that made you Happy...

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however small... however big, however simple.

today i had the best cup 'O coffee i've ever had, i woke up to a peaceful rainshower,
and a beautiful grey day.

i had my cats surrounding me, smiling and purring, and i had my best-friend there with a hug.

i felt no stress, no pressures, just the beauty of a new day starting, new memories already beginning.

i went outside in my pajamas and robe, and opened my mouth wide and tasted the rain.

it tasted like heaven to me. catch it on my windowsill, water my plants.

then i put on some music and danced around the house with Cameron, and the cats.
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My husband woke me early and took me to breakfast at The Point. We had a nice table with a view of the lake, and they make the BEST coffee there too! I let the horses out of the pasture into the backyard, and they both came over and rested their big ol heads in my arms to say good morning. I was in the shop (we are doing major cleaning) and bacardi jumped up on a piece of firewood that was nearby and head bumped my arm. I managed to sweep out and mop the floor of the shop which hasn't been done in about 5 years! LOL Mike and I were going through all kinds of treasures we found during our cleaning. Stuff like whale bones, and ivory, and alaska coral, all of Mike's drafting supplies from college. Found an old antique lettering machine we forgot we had, and vacuumed out all of the cobwebs we could find. And that was just in the back room, we haven't done the other rooms yet. It is a huge job and we are going slowly. Came in the house and watched Scatter do all kinds of acrobatic tricks trying to catch a fly that got in. Sat down to relax and watched Ms. Congeniality with Mike, and now I am just so incredibly sore and tired I am off to the Jacuzzi with a glass of wine, and an ice pak.
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Thank you guys so much for sharing. This is a great thread for those of us who have been depressed lately. Even if you can find one small good thing during the day, it is worth it and you can focus on that and a smile will inevitably come to your face.

Today I wouldn't consider much of a day until I read your two posts above and then I started thinking....

We have recently adopted a blind cat from the place I volunteer in rescue. I walked in the bedroom and my husband was lying on the bed just giving her all the loving he could. He didn't know I was watching for a bit but it made me feel so good to know he cares for animals the way I do. I adopted her because I knew she was 8 and blind and very malnourished and probably wouldn't be the choice of most people who come in to adopt. I brought her home to fatten her up and she has been a part of my family ever since. My husband was never raised around pets or animals and I have now realized I have converted him! Anyway, the happiness of seeing him happy and knowing that I made a difference in Fleasha's life made me really at peace today.
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We rescued a blind kitty a few years ago, and we named him Tag. We called him that, because as we walked through the living room, he would reach out and *tag* our feet. He was a remarkable kitty and would be the first one to catch a fly that got in the house! No messing around either, he would listen to it flying around, leap up catch it neatly in his paws and eat it! EWWWW! LOL His mother had distemper and he and his sister Marbles (she was also brain damaged) were born blind, no eyes or sockets or anything. Mike built Tag an outside cage where he could go and sit in the sun in the long grass. He became good friend with one of my horses, and he loved being outside even though he couldn't run free. He was an amazing cat and in his honor, I named the rest of my rescues The Tag Team. Good for you for adopting an older kitty that is blind. I am looking forward to hearing more stories.
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More stories!!!! I have plenty of stories!!! I will tell you more about Fleasha though now. We rescued three cats from a mentally retarded girl at the shelter I volunteer at. Their names were Fleasha, Tigger, and Twinkles. Tigger is older and is in kidney failure, Fleasha went blind from malnourishment, and Twinkles bounced back because she was the youngest of the three being only 2 years old. Luckily, they were all fixed so that the lady didn't have to worry with having kittens. We don't entirely know their story but we know her sister took them away from her and brought them in to us. They wouldn't get fed for weeks at a time because the lady didn't think about it. They never had much of a litter box either. Surprisingly, she has never missed her litter box! She is the best of my five cats. They don't mind her until she runs into them and they all jump back and hiss! You can't help but laugh when that happens. Thanks for wanting to know about her. She is the sweetest cat I have ever met to have been through so much. She purrs constantly. I will try to get her picture on my website as she is officially a part of my family now!
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Blue, this is a great thread! Honestly, I can't think of anything that especially made me happy yesterday (it's after midnight). But I'm not sad! Today will be a good day, I can tell. Stay tuned!

Hissy and Ttapestry 1, I hope you can post photographs of Fleasha (you've got to love that name) and Tag. What a couple of little troopers, eh? And good on you, both, for loving them.

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What a great thread!!! One thing that made me happy today....I got a perm this morning....I have very long hair....clear to my waist....and it turned out really good!!! And I had a wedding to go to tonight, and I fixed my hair, and it actually looked good!!! A good hair night!!! WHooooopeeeee! :laughing:
And, I also fit into my size 7 shorts tonight, which means I have lost alot of weight since Christmas...so....that made me happy!
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Here is sweet Tag kitty in his favorite bowl...
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How beautiful a soul is Tag! Thank you for posting his picture. One can see his indomitable spirit sticking out all over because of, as well as in spite of, his disability. What a brave little guy!

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I have been trying to get a picture on here of dear Fleasha and I can't. It is a jpeg but I still can't seem to get it posted!!!! I have gone to the IMG button above and also gotten it in the attachment window below but then my page disappears. Help! What am I missing?
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Oops! I guess it worked that time! There she is although I didn't mean for the pic to be so HUGE! Isn't she grand?
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Fleasha is beautiful! And, hey, don't worry about the "size" of her picture: it's only about 48 kilobytes, the limit being about 102 kilobytes for attachments.

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what beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing them with us !

tell me, Mr.Cat, anything happen, big or small, that made you smile ?

anyone else ?

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I'm NEVER able to get a good nights sleep on sunday nights (mondays are SO stressful) and last night I took a couple tylenol PMs (at the suggestion of an equally wired co-worker) and slept like a baby. this is the first monday that I can remember that I am actually operating on 7 hours of sleep. I'm so happy about that!
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What made me smile (so far today) was Michaela coming to wake me up at 6:00 a.m., with her little paw-touches and tiny mews!

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Fleasha is beautiful! And I hope I didn't sound conceited in my post....I was drinking at that wedding, so god only knows what all I said in my posts....but I was just thrilled that all my starving and exercising paid off....course I am going to put it all right back on.
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you didn't sound conceited at all! we celebrate those victories with you!
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Thank you Colby!!! I was just so thrilled to fit back into my old shorts that I had to brag about it a little!
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if I could fit into some of my old clothes.....just try & shut me up about it! :laughing:
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Happy - lets see........just waking up this morning @ 5 am and having another day!

Also - I was able to get real close to my feral Goldie's babies tonight when I fed the fearsome 4 - the little runt almost let me touch him!

Let's not forget my morning waking and my evening greeting from my 5 fur babies - no matter what mood I am in when I walk in the door, they are always glad to see me!

My boss also loaned me her digital camera - so am hoping I can brag on-line with you all and show off my brood! (I have to figure out how to do it first, though!!:homer: I am kind of a Homer when it comes to knowing anything on the 'puter!)
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I just spent the best week of my life with a lady I met on the internet. We clicked from the first day and got better every day from then on. By day 2 it was as if we were together for years,totally comfortable with each other. Like a butterfly and sunshine..made for each other. Imagine..in love at my age!!!!

But the week ended and my lady had to leave. Watching that plane fade from sight was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
Long,lonely drive home.

But we're back online again and already planning.
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Hmm, I volunteered to be fired today. We lost 2 teacher positions at summer school, due to low enrollment. I am actually on the top of the seniority list, but I have felt so overwhelmed with work from my college classes that I volunteered to quit. One other teacher got to stay instead. Turns out that she really needed the money (even more than I do), so she was ecstatic to be staying.
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Yay, Kittyfoot! I love to hear about people being in love!

Deb25, what a generous thing to do. You're so kind and giving.

Ok, a happy thing...
A friend told me her new anti-depressant is working for her. I don't want to go into any details without her permission, but suffice it to say she a great person who really deserved to have something finally go right for her, after a lot of horrible experiences over the past year.
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That is great. I am so happy for your friend. My father never wanted me to be on them because he didn't believe in them. My life is so much better now. I have just learned that you have to do what is best for you and sometimes you get in the dumps and your body gets used to being there and you have to have some help getting out..including friends,drugs,etc. My life has completely changed and I can't ever see myself being there again. Good for her!
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There are two things that make me happy every single day. When I wake up in the morning and I see a puurty furry face looking straight into my eyes and then giving me the sweetest kiss ever - this is definitely the best way to start a day and I'm glad I could finally say this to people who actually understand and feel the way I do (most of my friends like cats but tend to think I'm a bit obssessed by them, which is not true of course, I'm totally obssessed by them LOL). can you now guess what the secon dthing is??? - yes, it is the cat site and all of you. No matter how depressed I feel my spirit always lifts up when I enter the site.

But then I also spend a great weekend so that's something to brag about. Me and boyfriend went to the mountain and made a picnic by a creek and it was just lovely. WE walked and walked and walked and teh wood was lovely and we got sunburnt and when we finally got home I felt knackered and completely blissful. I watched TV and eric was purring in my lap.
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Is Eric your boyfriend or your cat? (Just kidding!) Anyway, your picnic sounded wonderful — and so did your wake-up service.

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Well, they are both furry indeed LOL!
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Oh Kittyfoot!!!!!!! That is SO COOL that you and this woman you met online are hitting it off so great!!! How did you meet her? In a chat site, or where? (if I may ask) that is SO romantic....I hope it turns out well for you....and Deb25....how sweet of you to volunteer to be fired, because the other woman needed the job worse....there ought to be more people in this world like you!!! I hope you will be okay, though.
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that is great news! it really is the best feeling in the world


I'm glad you're going to be getting SOME what of a break!

I bought 4 pairs of shoes today.....that makes me happy!
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The one thing that made me most happy today is that my daughter woke up at 7:20 rather than 6 am as she usually does. Of course, my son was still up, but one is better than 2. I'm not a morning person!

Another thing that made me happy is that my son's doctor's office called in a prescription for his pink eye rather than making us come in for an office visit.

Another thing that made me happy was Muffy's babies. And the fact that I asked my husband if we could keep two rather than one, and he said we'll see rather than NO!

I've been pretty happy lately!

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