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A whole bunch of questions for u experianced people

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My cat Jinxy (aged 15 months) is pregnant. We realized 2 weeks ago. We came home from a night out and she sat on me , rolled over and i noticed the big belly and big nipples , (She doesnt like sitting on laps of staying still hence why i never noticed the massive belly) Since then she has become so much more clingy , she used to sleep where ever she wanted but now she HAS to sleep with some one.

The last 2-3 days she has been extremley vocal , extra tired and fidegty and more clingy


(my mum has been there at the birth of our cat a long long long time ago)

- Is there any sure signs shes about to give birth?
- Should i have anything apart from the nesting box , warm flannels , clean sterile towels and the emergancy vets number ready?
-How do i know if the kittens are getting enough milk?
- How do i know if theres a problem with labour!

Thanks in advanced xx
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I should add that if she lays on you she lets you touch her stomach and u can feel a lot of wiggling/kicking x
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In my experience with births of kittens. The wiggleing and kicking means she's probably not that far away from delivering.


1. That I can see, the sure signs are she looks around for a safe place to have them. If you see her going in things and coming out, looking in other places then coming out she is probably getting ready, you can have blankets and towels but she may pick another place.

2. There is nothing else that I know of that will be needed. She will pretty much do all the work herself.

3. If she is a healthy cat and you see her nursing them, then they are getting enough milk.

4. Usually they are so quiet about it. It could happen without you even knowing it. If your lucky enough to be around at the birth just watch her, as they are being born, she will start washing them, and if it looks like there is problems and she is really in need of help walking around the area, crying , and if its taking an extra long time, then get help.

In my own experiences, I've found that they instinctively know what to do and how to do it. Maybe someone will be along to offer you more advice. Good luck.
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If she's filling up with milk, she'll probably need it fairly soon.

Really, if she's having trouble, it'll be fairly obvious as long as you're paying attention. If any part of a kitten comes out before the head, that's a pretty likely sign of trouble--we lost a kitten that way once and almost lost the mom and the rest of the litter.
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Thanks guys , she had her kittens by herself yesturday, seems there was no problem and shes a brilliant mummy , she had 3 beautiful black and white babies! x
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