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A Little Worried About Cammy

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Ever since we got her in February I've noticed she's really clumsy. That's not normal is it? Like she'll jump from the desk on to the coffee table which is lower and about a foot away and completely miss it. Yesterday she jumped from the floor to the coffee table and fell off. At first I thought it was funny, but now I'm worried about her. She's hit her head a few times. I always keep an eye on her after she hits her head.
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No, I don't think this is normal... Has it gotten worst since you got her, or it's been the same since you got her? Maybe this is something she has from birth, and hopefully there is nothing to worry about...
I would talk to the vet about it.
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How old is she? Has she always been like this (since you've had her)? She may have some vision problems and problem with depth perception or it could be something else. I'd definitely talk to the vet about it the next time you're in.

I have one cat who is just not at all ladylike and graceful! She's not clumsy though, just ungraceful. Funny thing is her name is Hannah Grace.
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I was also wondering about the age of the cat. Is it just a kitten? But it does sound like a vision problem, but possibly only with one eye, sort of like me! If the cat is just a kitten, it may actually learn to adjust for it's vision problems, if that is the case. But yes, have a vet look at the cat for certain.
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She could really just be clumsy. My friend has a cat who tries to jump up onto things and nearly always misses, he just isn't good at it.

You might take her to the vet and have her eyes checked, maybe her eyes are such that she has less depth perception than normal or maybe she really is having a hard time seeing.
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If I'm remembering right, Cammy was dumped near kscatlady's house as an adult.

My Margo is clumsy, always has been since day 1. She visibly looks "retarded" though. Behaviorally you can tell she's not all there. She falls off things, misses on jumps, etc. The vet's checked her out & it's nothing.
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Could be a vision thing. Flowerbelle is blind in one eye and doesn't see so well out of the other. She was constantly misjudging stuff as a kitten, but learned to compensate. If Cammy is older, and this is something that happened/developed, she may not have that compensation thing going.

Some cats are clumsy. Billy is a totally clutz, and there's nothing wrong with him.

But I'd get her to a vet to have a thorough check up - because it may also be a problem with the inner ear? I don't know if cats have the same thing as people, but maybe it's as simple as an inner ear infection?

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Cammy is about four years old, give or take a year. I've had her since the end of Feb. She's been clumsy like that since we've had her. She's definitely not blind, but maybe it is a vision problem. I need to get her teeth cleaned some time in the near future, so I'll mention it to the vet then.
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Is she crossed eyed?
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Is she crossed eyed?
No, she's not.
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Our family pet Midori is a natural clutz... She's always gotten a clean bill of health from the Vet.

We attibute it to a couple things but aren't concerned enough to pursue it with the Vet.

1. She's a couch potato and hasn't developed a habit of develping her athletic skills.

2. Her big feet (seven toes in front) make her clumsy.

3. She is now a senior cat 8-9yrs old.

4. Her joints seem wacky. Her back hips sway from side to side noticably when she walks, like she's trying to move one end of a stiff sawhorse. We're not sure if this is genetic (associated with the polydactyl thing) or caused by it. She turns her front feet out to compensate for the big mitts.
I think we're comfortable with the fact it may impact her health one day.
She seems happy and otherwise healthy. And since she is primarilly indoor she has no reason to need to run real fast.
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