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I live in central Fl., and we have an excellent not for profit group called CARE that spays/neuters/rabies for ferals for free. I manage a feral army with about 30+ cats. I had made feeble attempts to trap but I have never had an organized attempt. I am lucky as I have a managed colony with 2 other feeders. We all banned together, volunteers from CARE came out. We placed around 10 traps and trapped 14 cats. 10 females!!! Sadly 2 of the males had leuk and one male had AIDS. The over all success of the mission allowed me to sleep well. We still have more to catch, but we all feel more confident now. I hope this inspires someone who has not made that step, to try it. Also, if your county does not have a trap and release program in place,. start contacting your city council people now.