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This is Chester, 2.5 years old, loved and adored, my second child

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what a handsome boy chester is. great pics too. He reminds me of my Roxy that now lives with my sister....lots of fluff and long long whiskers. pretty pretty boy!!
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What a gorgeous boy Chester is.
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Wow, he's stunningly handsome
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Chester looks very presidential in this photo, like he is gazing into the future to see what needs to be accomplished.
Your boy is stunning.
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Thanks girls, I am glad you liked him I hope to bring him a firend one day, another maine coon, breeding girl..
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Wow. He's just...gorgeous. I love the picture of him nomming on the microphone while still looking majestic. That last picture is a lady-killer!
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I just watched cats 101 yesterday Is that one of those Main Coons? They said on that show that they make great family cats...Has that been your experience? I want one of those....your cat is so beautiful!
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Chester is just soooo beautiful!!
Im going to LOVE this boy
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Yes, Chester is a maine coon. Beautiful personality, friendly and gentle but:
1-He doesnt like to sit on my lap (: -probably feels unconfortable there as he is so big
2-doesnt like to be combed too much. Upper back and head, neck, tail,is ok, but other parts no, and he bites if I comb him too long. Very strange, he purrs and at the same time bites
Other than that he is very good, real maine coon, they are all very affectionate and friendly cats..

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thanks hun. The new pics you posted are adorable. He looks so soft and fluffy.
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He is gorgeous!!
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MCs are big cats - what does he weigh? Friends of ours have a brown tabby male named Shadow - he is a little small for the breed and tips the scales at 20 pounds give or take an ounce.
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He is a character! I love the new pics, they definitely show his physical and mental size! He is the king of the home! A beautiful kitty!
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I love Maine Coons, very impressive cats. Chester is a very handsome boy!
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I've said it once and I'll say it again - what a handsome little man!

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Thank you, I love him so much
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Originally Posted by milabili View Post
Thank you, I love him so much
you need a cute signature of him to spread his cuteness!
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He is gorgeous! I would love to sink my fingers into his fluff.
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What a stunning kitty! MC's are my dream cats. Someday I will be owned by at least one...
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What a handsome boy
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