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Stitched up leg

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Hope someone can advise. My cat has been in some sort of accident where she ripped her leg open and in the vets opinion in one of the worst places, we are hoping that the skin is flexible enough to heal, as the vet had to cut a lot of skin away otherwise it's special dressings that have to be applied every other day to somehow regenerate the skin. Currently she is home but won't stay still or sleep and I'm worried that she may pull the drains from her leg is this possible?

Tonya x
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If you have her in her own room by herself she should be fine. My Patch had a long incision from surgery on his stomach, and he also received a lot of stitches. But we kept him by himself with an elizabethan collar (which bothered me more then him) and he was fine. No problems. Good Luck and many Prayers and for your little one.
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Poor baby!! Did the vet stitch the drain tube in place, and is she wearing an Elizabethan collar? Of the pets that I've known with drain tubes, they seem to be fine with them until the stitches start to dry out a bit and get itchy, at which point they will gnaw at them. Call your vet and ask this question - can you put a warm compress over the wound to keep the area more moist so the stitches can't dry out?
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Hello again,

Thanks for your replies, yes she is in a room by herself and has a collar on, she seemed to be ok this afternoon and slept. For some reason she is now hiding under the bed could this be because it's a little cooler????? I can't open the window as it's a large one and she will force her way out. She only ate a bit of her tuna which has her anti inflammatory in.... if she ate it all she might be a little better.
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Hello, 6 weeks on and my cat is still having treatment. She has been having the special dressings to regenerate the skin which have been working for the most part but today she had to have an op as part of the leg just wouldn't heal. She is now walking around with stitches, bless her she will not keep her bandage on no matter how many times I try to secure it in place she just flicks it off. I have resigned myself to leaving the bandage off and hope she dosen't catch the stitches or pull them out. Back to the vets Friday!!!!!!!

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Goodness gracious, vibes for your kitty! Thank you for taking such good care of her through such a trial!
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I feel your pain. Bijou recently had surgery on his upper thigh and pulled the stitches out with his teeth 3 times in 3 days.

I finally went out and bought baby sleepers for him to wear and they worked beautifully. I left the crotch area unsnapped and he was able to use the bathroom with no mess on his sleepers.

We bought 3 month/6 month and 12 month at a discount place and found that only the 12 month sleepers would fit our big boy.
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many many vibes for your baby
Make sure that she eats... even if you need to force feed her, she needs to eat - she can get very very sick if she doesn't, even in a few days.
You can try baby food, treats, cat food... just make sure she eats...
for both of you
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