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Litterbox Duty

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Probably the only genuine downer to owning a cat(s) but still beats dog doody duty anytime!

Does anybody else have a dear sweet kitty that plays and frolics in front of you as clean out her royal litterbox? Do I look like a beach comber here?? Be gone,impish rake!

Cats are a trip.
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lol - Lucky will wait patiently, and as soon as I clean it up she will jump in and pee... Every time!!! She definitely has her ways of showing me who is the boss!
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OOPS I double posted! =]
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
lol - Lucky will wait patiently, and as soon as I clean it up she will jump in and pee... Every time!!! She definitely has her ways of showing me who is the boss!
Monster does the exact same thing! I think the litterbox stays clean for all of 1.2 seconds before he gets in and pees. Sometimes, he even pees in it while I'm scooping. Then after I'm done scooping, he will get in there and poop. He's crazy and I love him.<3
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I've had to clean the box under the glare of Topaz who has to go and has decided the box is not to her exacting standards. Ad soon as I was done, she was in. LOL
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Mine like to gather around watching me, and try to compete for who gets to be the first one to use the box after I scoop it.
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DH says the girls will do that too. Scoops once in the morning and once at night. They will sit and wait and as soon it is clean, they will jump in and use it!
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My girls love to watch me clean the litterbox. Darcy even likes to jump up on my back and watch from up there. Sometimes, she will go in and pee in the box while I am trying to scoop.
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One of the two litterboxes we have is the budda dome one, so when I put the lid on the floor to scoop/change out litter, all three cats go under the top. It's hilarious.
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And here I don't get to enjoy such laughable fun! I use an automatic litter box from litter maid, so the box gets cleaned shortly after the cats are done using it, and when I change the holding tray out, they aren't really interested, or when I add more litter to top it off.
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The first few years we had them they were ALL fascinated with the litter boxes. Like others, they would all gather around to watch - and compete for who got in there. Now that they're older, I get to scoop in peace.

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lol my 2 kittys will try and get in the box as i clean it. I think sunny was trying to use it while i cleaned it.
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Fast Food and Fast Elimination.Seems everyone`s in a hurry these days. :P
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With multiple boxes in multiple rooms, I find it amazing how much they understand. For instance, I was in the bedroom the other night starting to scoop one in there and Mojo comes over insisting that she had to go RIGHT NOW. I told her, "I'm scooping this one. I just scooped the one in the computer room, go use that one!" Sure enough she scampered down the hall to the computer room and pottied in that box.

Still, when I scoop the ones in the bedroom, Ginger Cookie wants to be the first to use them. Both of them.

Mojo does want to play in the clean litter when it's added to clean boxes, though. She thinks it's a game to try to catch it when it's being poured in, and then digs and digs in the clean litter. Then she finally goes and it's not a game anymore.
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We always scoop immediately before feeding time, so my boys are always WAY more concerned with us getting DONE and feeding them ALREADY.
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