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To get or not to get?

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We have two female cats.
And we live in a fairly big apartment with a nice little balcony garden...
And one cat tree.
(i'm planning on getting a few more cat trees)

Our present cats are both spayed
One is just about a year old
the other is about 8 months old

and they're the best of pals

should we get a third kitten?

it somehow seems like a third cat would be nice...
and add another dimension to the lives of our present cats....

what are your thoughts and opinions on cats in apartments?
is it possible to make them happy?
I always worry that perhaps they're missing out on stuff.
If we did have a house i wouldn't let them out but i would make sure they had an enclosed run in the garden....
[I don't agree with free-range cats... dogs, cars, disease... far too dangerous]

i'd really like to know what everyone thinks on this issue...
and any ideas on what we can do to make their lives more meaningful...would be greatly appreaciated.
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I believe cats can be very happy in apartments, as long as they are getting lots of love and attention. Several people keep their cats inside. It's pretty much the same thing with an apartment. It's true cats do wander off when they are outside, so they are safer inside. Most of my cats love it outside, but you could bring in some plants, buy some cat grass, etc.; just bring some of the outside inside. I think it works better if the cat has never been outside before, that way they don't know what they are missing and won't be as anxious to get out. As far as the third cat goes, I think it would be fine to get another one as long as you pay the other two just as much attention as you do the new one, so they won't feel abandoned or left out.
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I have three cats in a three bedroom apartment. I couldn't get another one, that's for sure, as there just isn't the room, but three in three rooms seems to work.

As for happiness, they are very happy kitties. Mischief and Niko have been solely raised inside. Now anytime they go outside when I take them to the vet and such they freak. But they enjoy the window being opened when the weather's nice and we have enough birds around to thorougly entertain them. There's enough toys and they have each other and ourselves to keep them happy.

I think the key is to keep the apartment liveable and cat friendly. The instant it becomes cluttered with stuff, too dirty, lots of breakables, and such then I think it becomes a hassle in an apartment. Houses seem to have more nooks to cram more stuff in, apartments you constantly have to juggle the spacing situation.
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Fate decided for us...
Yesterday we took our cats to the vet and there was a lovely little tortie persian mix 6 weeks old who needed a home....
now we have three

the more the merrier...
but having said that .... i think we'll stop at three
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I have a 10 month old tabby and will be adopting a diluted tortiseshell in 2 weeks - she is from a litter of 5 and I have fallen in love with one of her sisters, an adorable calico. I've been debating about adopting both but having 3 cats in my home seems a little overwhelming plus I'm afraid my current cat will feel left out since the 2 siblings are so well bonded. I have 2 weeks to decide. So I wish you luck - keep me posted on how things go.
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