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First, sorry if this is the wrong section.

My kitten has what feels like one of her rib bones pushed out. I got her from somewhere else, who's vet checked her out and she was healthy according to them. That vet check was only a couple weeks ago.

I only just noticed that one of her ribs feels like it protrudes a little. Can't see it, only feel it. Overall the kitten acts very healthy. Eats, drinks, runs around like a complete nutcase, uses the bathroom just fine, and is very active with my other cats.

I really just don't want to be over-reacting right now. I know some cats just have "deformities" and maybe that's all this is. She will be seeing my vet in a couple months and I know I can ask about it then, but I'm wondering if I should go early, or maybe just wait to see if there are any other symptoms.