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How are all the pets doing this loud day?

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Ginger is OK, but a bit skittish. She is not afraid of loud but all the booms and crackles and what not, and Mommy talking smooshy lovey talk almost constantly to comfort her has her thinking "My human has completly lost her mind"
I have had animals that did not fare well this day, extreme fear. Cats and dogs both.
How is everyone else doing out there?
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it doesn't seem to phase my two... if something spooks them visually... like sudden movements, then yes, they jump and get all twitchy... but auditory ones, like the fireworks, nothing...

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No one cared but Lucia, she kept doing the meercat
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Eden is under the desk. Lily is behind the dryer. All 3 dogs are under the bed (queen size bed - 90 lb dog, 70 lb dog, 13 lb dog ). Izzy (the little one) is just under there because the other 2 dogs are under there - she doesn't want to miss out on anything!

Not surprinsingly, the 2 deaf cats don't care!
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I've only heard two or three loud noises, nothing else at all except a (constantly) barking dog. Weird! My cats usually dont mind though, its my Great Dane that freaks out
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The three of them came to the living room with BIG BIG eyes looking for me, and went back to the bedroom... they are under the bed, kind of freaking out... poor babies...
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Our noisy night was on the 1st, and someone was letting em off last night...

Kizzy doesn't care. My dog on the other hand freaks.
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There have been some firecrackers, etc., going off, but they're no worse than when we set off the house alarm earlier, by mistake!
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The girls were under the bed once the noise started and we were outside with the door open. But once I came inside and closed up, Dusty came slinking out of under the bed. She doesnt like those loud noises
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Church and Roxy don't seem to mind the noises but since I opened the windows tonight the kittens have been startling and looking around when there are particularly loud bangs.
My dog Bianca did NOT like it when I let her outside after I got home from a fireworks display. She seemed okay when I got home and before I left but the windows were closed then. She normally loves it outside and will just sit out on the porch for as long as possible, but tonight she actually scratched at the door to come back in. She still seemed a little nervous inside so I gave her a beef tendon chew stick to distract her and that took her mind off the loud sounds.
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Alley was pretty in-control for a kitten. The louder booms or cracks made her sit up and a tad skittish but just alert and not frightened. I expected more stress from her.
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We lit off fireworks at our house. The dogs were so oblivious to it all that I had to keep calling them away from the people that were launching the big rockets. The only thing that made Sam (dog) jump was when someone next door lit off a 1/4 stick of dynamite.

I had the windows open since it was so cool last night. When I walked into the house, Muddy was dead asleep on the dining room table, 3 cats asleep on my bed, and others just laying around asleep. Koko was chasing around the little 2 year old girl that was visiting and trying to get into her backpack.

I think what helps me is that we have so many thunderstorms here. They have gotten used to loud noises.

This part of the world gets nuts on the 4th of July. What is telling is that I can recognize how big a stick of dynamite is when its set off. At our old house, one of the neighbors used to shoot off his canon each 4th. If you don't like the noise around here, you just have to leave the state.
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We had lots (that of 5 families) of pyrotechnics here last night with aerials going off right above my place. My two retreated to the bedroom where the windows were shut. As soon as I came back indoors, Ari was in my arms demanding love.
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Fatty and Kitty tolerated it surprisingly well. They stayed on the couch and seem a little concerned, but not too much. Meanwhile, my neighbor's dog was doing this bark/snort thing across the hall. Scaredy dog, huh?
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Here we have had quite a bit of the good ol' thunderstorms which have been quite loud and overhead today....the furkids seem to be doing well with the loud cracks of thunder. Shark had insisted on spending time outside in it while Arwen has been well as Brandy.

Brave bunch, they did a better job than me as I've been home alone all afternoon listening to it all...and getting petrified too!
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Lulu and Disa didn't notice...

Hennessy spent the 3rd and 4th under my bed.
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Eh, mine didn't seem too bothered by it. My neighborhood was pretty quiet. Bast is the only one who really hates loud noises.
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