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Please help me choose a perfume!

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It seems that every cologne or perfume I like gets discontinued, so I'm trying to find a new scent. Any ideas? I can't afford Joy and the like; yet I don't want a cheap-smelling scent. I hate anything musky (it gives me a headache). Also, I am sort of sensitive to smells--I get headaches. I like citrusy-scented scents; not as crazy about floral scents, nor musk. I don't like strong scents. I like almost masculine-type/after-shave type scents--spicy and citrusy. I want something sophisticated, not cutesy. I also find that most scents wear off my skin pretty fast.

Any ideas? Thanks!!!
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I cant wear floral scents at all. Some non floral scents are CoCo Chanel. Armani Code is another. Those are my favorites. The smells are perfect.
I will list some more in a bit.....
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It seems like Coco has been around forever. I started wearing it in the mid '80's when it first came out. I doubt that you'd like it's a very warm, musky and spicy scent.

This is how describes it:
Mysterious. Provocative. Sensuous. COCO is built on a major amber-y chord, adorned with flowers, warmed with wood and leather
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Why not just smell like you?
I hate any artificial scent on a person, it gives me a headache.
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Coco is definitely a classic scent and if it has floral in it, you cannot smell it.
CK One is another non floral, so is Angel.
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Do you have a Body Shop near you?

I went in there a couple of weeks ago and smelled a fragrance called "Japanese Cherry Blossom". It's very pretty! It's light. It's fresh. And it has a floral/spice fragrance. Plus it's reasonably priced.
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How about Davidoff Cool Water? It's more citrusy than flowery, and not at all heavy. Sometimes you can buy small sample-sized bottles at Wal*Mart.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
How about Davidoff Cool Water? It's more citrusy than flowery, and not at all heavy. Sometimes you can buy small sample-sized bottles at Wal*Mart.
I wear that one quite a bit. I also like Victoria's Secret Dream Angel.
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I LOVE perfume, so I have a ton of different scents. But from your "almost after shave" wants, I would suggest Georgio Armani Diamonds. It's got a real deep scent, almost masculine, but undeniably seductive. It's the BF's favorite, . Also Ralph Lauren's Notorious is pretty good too.
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Most of my perfumes are quite heavy and spicey, but because it's so hot here at the moment i avoid them for work, so at the moment i'm wearing Chanel Chance and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle because their quite light and floral.

Chanel Christalle is citrusy though
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I love "Beautiful" and also "Romance". Those are my two favorites.
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I like beyond paradise by estee lauder. It is floral but classy. It might be discontinued tho because i bought a lot of it a long time ago.
Also BULGARI has a good non floral one.
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My Fav, absolutly not going out of style, Channel #5. I got it as a gift as a young teen and still like it to this day. i do admit that I dont use it or any scent in summer because of the bees and hornets that try to pollenate me, much to my dismay. Shoo fly
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I few weeks ago a customer at work had a perfume I liked the scent and I asked her was it was. As mentioned in other posts its Chanel Coco Madamoseille. I am like you and don't like heavy or sweet scents and I really like this one. I hadn't bought any new perfumes for a while so I got lucky. I also have Michael by Michael Kors that is nice.

You may want to investigate some of Jo Malone scents as they are great too.

One if I can find in person this fall when visiting my sister is another London based perfume maker, Penhaligon the scent is Artemisia.
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I wear Very Irresistible by Givenchy. It's a light scent and I get a lot of compliments, but it may not have as much citrus as you'd like. Happy by Clinique is a pretty nice citrus scent. But if you know a Mary Kay consultant, they have some gorgeous fragrances. They aren't too expensive and they are long lasting.
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