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My lovely Ericka

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I just wanted to share my memories about my old girl. She actually passed on a good 5 years ago, from a cancerous tumour.

She was wonderful, my friend, always my friend. Whenever I was down or crying over some silly man, she would be there. She used to climb on my lap at these moments and put her paws on my chest and lick my tears away. It always made me smile when she did this and I always felt better. She and I were a pair. We were so connected that when my mum would come to stay she'd say she felt really left out. My mum even told me that when I was out of the house and would call on the phone Ericka would grab at the phone and rub her beautiful head against it.

She was beautiful. All white except a big splodge of blak on her forehead and a black tail. She loved motor racing, we would watch formula 1 together on a Sunday and because of her I became a fan, I still always think of her whenever I watch it. She loved Westerns, all those horses and shoot 'em ups, she'd sit right infront of the tv and follow the action as closely as she could.
She played real hard, we'd run all over the house, her always chasing me and always catching me, wrapping her paws round my leg and climbing up!! It hurt like hell but I loved it! She loved Jacket sleeves, climbing in and sticking her head out the sleeve end rolling about on the floor like some weird worm/cat creature. I laughed so hard so often.

She was a proper little tart with men, she loved men. Whenever male friends would come over she was there, rubbing her head on their legs and begging to be picked up and loved. She loved her front paw to be stroked, like a little madam.

She was a nutter alot of the time, playfighting until I could take no more, then cuddling up and purring like a pneumatic drill.

I loved her so much and still do. It took me so long to feel I wasn't betraying her by getting another cat and now I have Misty and Stevie, I know she wouldn't mind.

My little angel
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Ericka sounds like she was a class act. Most people believe that cats are solitary creatures and don't like interaction, but cats, such as Ericka show that they do.

To watch the races with her during race season and to play that rough game of "Tag You're It!" are some of what bonding with a companion animal is all about. I can imagine that even today when that first car crosses the finish line, there are tears in your eyes, and not just for the winner of the race, but because the thoughts of Ericka follow closely behind that first car.

I am sorry that you lost such a play-pal, but what a rich and fun life you must have shared with her, to five years later be able to come here and tell Ericka tales. Your sharing left me with tears, but they were not only of sadness, for I laughed at the vision of a cat a wierd/worm creature attacking the sleeves of your shirts with such wild abandon.

I hope you find or have found another companion to share your home with, for it sounds to me as if you truly understand the language of cats.
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Thanks Hissy,

I have been lucky and have now 2 lovely strays, one of whom I got already pregnant, due any time now, and though they don't replace her, I think she'd approve of them.
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I bet she would! Good luck with the batch of kittens when they arrive.
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Linka, for all we know, it was Ericka who sent Misty and Stevie your way.

She sounds like such a wonderful kitty! It always amazes me just how in touch with human emotion they really are, or can be. And it is also so incredible to realize that some of them really have a sense of humor! Our Shelly constantly mocks us, and though he doesn't play tag, he loves to play hide and seek.

Ericka sounds like she was a great friend, and that warms my heart and brings a smile to my face (which is good, because I was crying from one of the other posts I just read).

I'm sure you will always miss her, and I do hope you think of her often! Misty and Stevie will never replace her, nor should they. But they are lucky to have found you, and I'm willing to bet Ericka is right there with you, perhaps playing tricks on them, just we can't see it.

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