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The babies are flying

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I wanted a closer picture, but the little ones won't come to the window feeder when I'm standing there with a camera. Too "stalker'ish" for them I guess.

Aren't they just darlin'? Mama is showing the wee tikes where the good stuff is.
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Awww, don't you just love humming birds?
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Awww I love humming birds they are so cute
Great pic btw!
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Where I lived for a bit at my folks house they were all over, and we of course had feeders for them, with red on them. I went out to have a smoke and I had red letters on my shirt.
Hummer, 10 feet away form me, *eye blink* bird not even a foot from my face, starring me down, I stared back, I did not now what to do! A gazillion times the size of the bird, but still afraid, seeing that pointy beak at eye level, really close up!
He figured out I was not a bird feeder, and I realized he would not poke my eyes out,
Quite a wonderful thing in my memory.
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They are so tiny.
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They are so tiny!! And so cute
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I LOVE hummingbirds. Soo cute! And teeny!
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awwwwwwwwwe what little cuties
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I've had finch and chickadee babies at my feeders. At first they demanded food but eventually got the hang of feeding themselves. I love watching them.
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Wow they are so tiny. Lucky your kitties are indoors!
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