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Tigger LOVES her "tigger-whacks". SHe runs to meet me at the comp. desk when she sees me going there and immediately climbs into my lap. Then she chirps until I pet her, but meows if I do this! I MUST gently whack her bottom! Isn't that the funniest?! I sit here for an hour just giving little whacks to her behind. If I try massaging her behind-she gets really mad and yells at me, nope it has to be whacks!

Can you relate?

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Nope sorry- I don't whack my cats...
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Nelson loves having his bottom smacked (softly not whacked) repeatedly he purrs and purrs. If you try to stop he nudges you until you start again.

It is the same sort of action you would use if you were holding a baby and patting its back to comfort it.

Zoe our other little Burmese won’t have a bar of it – not interested in getting her bottom repeatedly patted.

Maybe it’s a boy thing???
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whoops sorry tamme I just saw that your tigger is a girl - so it's obviously not a boy thing...
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nope the kitties here dont like to be whacked LOL!!!
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I'd have thought that was VERY strange had I not babysat Jamie's cats a few weeks ago. Her little Marbles seems to like to have her bottom patted too. I have this feeling Spike won't tolerate it.
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Joey's a "whackee". He lays on his side and loves to be patted, not petted. He digs his claws in the carpet and scoots himself all around. When you stop, he nudges the hand for more.
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I thought that Polly was the only weird cat that liked that!! We call it "getting beaten" LOL but of course you can't go around asking other people if they "beat" their cats, it just doesn't sound right!

He loves getting gently "whacked" on his back and bottom, it sends him into delirious writhing and purring. He will come into the computer room and squeak loudly (he has never mastered a true Meow, LOL!) and DEMAND his beating!
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As Jenn mentioned, Marbles is a pat/whacker, Trouble, not so much .
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Ivo likes to be whacked, too. I call it "time to beat your duppa (polish for backside)". Dad's cat Pumpkin DEMANDS her whacks. Dad calls it "afternoon delight"
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strange cats. . . how did you figure out they wanted taps instead of scratches?
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Merlin loves having his head bounced. Just tap, tap tap with the flat of my hand on his head makes him so happy he drools!
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ChiChi at my parents house LOVES her bottom whacked You have to whack it really fast and quickly though.. she goes insane "meow! meow! meow! meow! moew! meow! prrrreeeow!" and tries to rub all over my hand.. its absolutely hilarious.
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My cat Alex, likes to be patted on the back by his tail too, you'd think it would aggravate him but he loves it and prefers that to anything! He is kind of an oddball kitty though, he has some strange habits. He doesnt claw anything, except the hinges of the doors in the house, mainly the front door! Thats his scratching post! He also gets on top of our house and just sits there and looks down on everything. Oh, and he sleeps on top of the doors, with his legs hanging down!
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I tried the "pat" technique, and Princey was like " wut the h*** .... " and Sassy-kins likes being patted on her tush..?? Weird kitties... but cute! LOL
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the doggies liked to be patted but I don't think any of the cats do
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Out of my six-pack, I'd say it's half and half. 3-for 3-against. I even got a love bite from Kornflake to let me know he didn't enjoy the tapping.

For a long time I thought Prudence, our matriacrh(sp?), was the only crazy one, she'll stand way up on her tippy toes with delight. And the baby tiny Lic loves it too. He was really getting into it just now, I swear you could hear his purr down in Fla.
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Maddie likes to be patted on the butt only when I'm holding her, it's a comfort thing. It's just like when you pat a baby's butt while holding her she'll eventually fall asleep!
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That's exactly like Tigger. I'm so glad you all understand! (lol)
Originally posted by bren.1
strange cats. . . how did you figure out they wanted taps instead of scratches?
I dunno, I guess I was rubbing her the 'wrong' way and massaging her and playing with her, when she went nuts when I patted her bottom. She loved it! It is just like patting a baby's bottom and I think she really took to that for some reason. She comes straight to my lap while I'm on the comp and constantly nudges me for them.

My friend's friend patted a cat so hard all the time that it eventually had a nervous itch about it when he didn't go over anymore. This cat would knaw at her left foot whenever anything touched her rear. She would pass under coffee tables and suddenly go nuts. It's not so bad now (9 months later) almost normal, but it sure was scary to think that this person who did that to her actually argued that cats like it - the harder the better.
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I was visiting some friends last night. They have 2 cats, one is very friendly, the other one usually hides when he sees strangers. So I was sitting on the couch with the friendly cat, when the shy one came over to me. I started scratching him, when my friend said, he likes to have his back smacked.

The cat loves getting smacks on his back right in front of his tail. He would meow a little and let me pat him until my arm was tired. Then he came back for more. Weird cat.
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JC loves it, too. My husband started doing it when he was a kitten, because the dog had always liked it, and JC took right to it.
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Both of my kitties like whacks (Toeser likes them pretty darned firm too), but Tailer doesn't like them on her butt.
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We just discovered that Romeo likes them, too. He walked into the computer room last night while Polly was getting his whacks, and looked curiously at him. We decided to show him what Polly was getting and was so happy about, and Romeo LOVED getting his whacks! He bit my BF's hand when he stopped!
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