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Please Pray For Spencer's Return

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My nine month old ex-feral kitten, Spencer, escaped two nights ago. I saw him briefly yesterday morning, but no one's seen or heard him since. Although he's very fond of me and sleeps on my pillow every night, he remains extremely skittish and startles at the slightest sound. He's way too scared to come to me outside, or even to allow me to approach him, so I've set up a Hav-a-Heart trap, but nothing so far. With everyone in the neighborhood mowing yesterday (the first sunny day we've had in weeks) and the fireworks last night, I'm very much afraid my little friend is on the run. Of course, those who didn't mow yesterday are mowing this morning and the fireworks tonight are going to be crazy.

Please, folks, pray Spencer remains nearby, and pray that he'll gather the courage to enter the trap soon.

Thank you.


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I hope Spencer comes home soon, my Molasses got out one time and he also is a very skittish cat and wouldn't come to me because he was so frightened. He did stay around the vincinity of the house, under bushes behind my shed. All I could do was leave out food by the back door. Finally, he did come to eat and I was able to grab him. Many many Prayers that he goes into the trap. Please keep us updated.
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You may have to put out a trap for him. You can get them at Harbor Freight, among many other places.
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I sure hope Spencer returns
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Come home Spencer
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He's home, he's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys for your encouragement! Sheez, though, I hope I don't have to go through anything like this any time soon.

But, yes!, yes!, he's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OH I"m so happy for both of you. Thats a very scary terrible feeling, I know. Great news.
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So, how did you get him back?
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It is so scary when they disappear - I have just beent hrough it too for two days. I am so glad he is home!
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What a handsome boy - and so glad he's home! I get nervous when mine hide in a closet - I can't imagine you got any sleep last night - so here's best wishes to a nice long nap with Spencer today!
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I'm so glad he's home too!
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I can tell y'all share my excitement at having my little man, Spencer, back!

The back entrance to my building is at ground level and opens into a short hallway to the left and a set of stairs to the right. The short hallway leads to my apartment entrance door and to my laundry room entrance door, while the stairs lead to the second floor apartment landing. This is the hallway through which Spencer escaped.

In addition to setting the Havahart trap, I kept the building entrance and my laundry room entrance doors open in case Spencer was bold enough (or freaked out enough) to attempt to come inside. Several times while he was missing, I closed both doors and completed an internal search. During my first search this morning, I found him inside my laundry room. He started crying his heart out when I called him, then came right up to me and has not left my side (except to eat) since. *sniff*

He's quite filthy, but he's safe and sound and I couldn't be happier.

And, yes, we took a wonderful nap together this afternoon.
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Yey!!!! Thank goodness! Have fun with him tonight - I bet you are spoiling him rotten!!
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