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So, I got my second quote for a dental on my kitty. The second vet said her teeth were not that bad - nothing that a good cleaning won't clear up. She does need extractions but it is because she has some very common lesions. The other vet made it sound so dire! Anyhow, I used to go to this vet, and am not sure why I switched. Their high end quote came in over $300 cheaper than the "other guy's" low end!! I have compared medications and the services and the only big difference was that the second vet won't be doing xrays unless they feel she really needs them. The more expensive vet does them regardless. The other big difference is that this place is not all fancy and high tech - maybe less overhead?? Regardless, they are super caring and the vet spent sooo much time with us. They were much more relaxed there.

On another note, she ended up hurting her knee. She has a luxation of her patella - so her knee is popping in and out. We noticed a few days ago that out of the blue she would growl and lift her back leg. A few seconds later she would put her full weight on it and be walking/running around like normal. She needs rest and some anti-inflammatories and a weight loss plan!!! Yikes!!! Apparently this condition does eventually heal, but it is very uncommon in cats. Weird hey? Could be because she is kind of fat. My fault completely ... but that's about to change! :-(