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The less common causes of inappropriate pee?

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Zooey Zoo Nuts.... is peeing on the bed.

Assuming we've ruled out medical reasons, and the more common causes...
What else could be making her do this?
Can anyone suggest some of the less common reasons?
The ones you just wouldn't really think of?
We really want to get to the bottom of this...
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also.... she doesn't seem to mind sitting on the exact same spot where she peed once it's been cleaned...
is that normal?
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Just wanted to make sure you have clicked here to read many reasons cats pee where they are not supposed to.

One thing I read recently (I can't remember where)is that when cats pee on things like comforters and clothing, it can be a sign of separation anxiety.
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Have you moved? Bought new sheets? New family member move in or out? Started a new job? Get a new pet? Have strays outside?

Time to become a detective and see if you can figure out what is going on.
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Look for any changes, especially scent changes. Did you change laudry detergents? Are you or anyone else in the house wearing a new perfume/cologne? Different cleaning supplies? Different soap or lotion?

She may not like something that changed, and is showing you that she doesn't like the new smell in the house.
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Actually we have ruled out all the things that were in the inappropriate pee thread EXCEPT for the black light because we don't have one...
We're taking her to vet again today.
Just to make absolutely sure nothing is wrong.

I noticed this morning that she seems to run around like crazy before using the kitty litter... Almost as though she's stalling having to go pee.

This doesn't happen when she needs to do a biggie though....

But the thing is that she races around a lot in general anyway...

Well it's better to be sure
An today we're going to go hunt down a black light
It wouldn't be fair to blame the peeing on her when we haven't made ABSOLUTELY sure there are no traces of urine left anywhere....
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the vet did a second test and zooey does have UTI!!
i think it probably wasn't obvious at first...
or maybe the levels were too low

she's on antibiotics

I am SOOOO glad i didn't wait until she started peeing blood.
The vet asked if she was and i said no
apparently that's when you're supposed to bring them in
what rubbish!!

i'm glad i was so persistent


while we were at the vet we adopted a stray that was there
an adorable tortoiseshell persian mix
she's about 7 weeks old
and so adorable

so now there's 5 of us
me my fiancee and 3 cats
one big happy flufffy family
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