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Oh no! The babies are in my prayers. This hasn't been an easy month for you at all.
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Misty and Stevie and me are sending you lots and lots of good vibes, I really hope the kitten will be Ok.
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Oh God we lost her too....She was eating just fine the past few days.
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Gods, Teresa, I am so sorry!!!!!

Sending loads of hugs to you and be-healthy-and-strong vibes to the kitties.
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Oh no... I feel so horrible you've suffered so much.

The only thing now is to pray for the others.. *HUGS*

Im so sorry..

Please keep in mind that you've done all you could have, and you as I was seeing through this thread tried really hard. Nonetheless You did a great job! But they Just werent strong enough.

Im so sorry for your losses and your mama cats losses..

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Hubby has Mom and all the kittens left at the vet right now. We are hoping to keep them alive. Mom doesn't seem sick, but we want to check her out anyway. One of the little ones is clicking when she breathes like the others did before they started having the mucous mouth, once I could see the drool it was only a matter of hours before they were gone.
This is just so heartbreaking. They are so tiny. I am going to gt all the cats antibiotic shots a week before delivery to try to wipe out any illness they may be harboring before birth.
Thank you for your support. I don't know where I would be without you guys...

I am including photos of the lost kittens so they won't be forgotten.
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The reds
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another red
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last kitten
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I'm so sorry I have been so wrapped up in my own trama I forgot to check this thread. I hope the other kittens will be okay
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*hugs and warm wishes*

Hopefully the vet has some trick hidden away so that no other babies are lost.
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I'm so sorry. It must be awful for you. They won't be forgotten: I'm sure that whenever any of us hear "fading kitten syndrome" in the future, we'll think of your little dolls. My sympathy.
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I may lose them all. We have to give fluids sub Q twice a day. They are on antibiotics, but one of the three is already losing body heat.. This is so frusterating, they are eating, and warm one minute and cooling the next. I just don't know what else to do.
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i'm so sorry does the vet know what is causing this? I'll be lighting candles for your little ones.
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Oh, no. I can understand your frustration. The little ones are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Everyone in this household is so very sorry, I hope against all hope that you don't lose the other little angels we are praying for them all.

Much love
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We think they picked up something through their unbilical cords. I didn't sterilize them. I forgot completely about it. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. We are giving them all the care we can.. It takes them so very quickly.
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oh no... I will pray for your babies..
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