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Fading kitten syndrome

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The vet says three of the kittens may have this. They aren't gaining as they should and one may have pnumonia (sp)

Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone treated kittens with this illness?

Need some prayers (and sleep)
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I'm sorry Sending some prayers your way
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We have lost one and looks like we may not be able to save the other red that isill. I am so very tired and just want to sleep, but, I haven't been able to sleep in the last 3 weeks. I was going to take a sleeping pill but...I need to feed the kittens every hour on the hour.
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Teresa, this is a very real danger for newborns and it really does strike without warning. More than likely it was a result of the traumatic birthing process and the lowered immune system. Did your vet give you a multi-vitamin drop to put into their formula? Darn it I wish I lived closer!
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Found this on the internet - hope it helps.

Curing Fading Kitten Syndrome

In my 35 years of breeding Siamese cats, I often have experienced what many people call "Fading Kitten Syndrome".

The characteristics are as follows: At about 7-9 weeks of age, a litter of kittens, which has been eating vigorously from a dish, suddenly does not seem interested in food any more. It may just be one or two kittens in the litter, or the whole litter. No upper respiratory symptoms are evident. Three or four days of not eating causes dehydration and can lead to death.

I discovered many years ago that in such cases, if antibiotics are given, eating resumes 90% of the time within 24-36 hours. Originally I used tetracycline, but in recent years have used doxycycline as it does not seem to yellow the teeth as does tetracycline. I make up the antibiotic by dumping a 250mg capsule into a mortor and add about 3g of a cat vitamin powder for flavor and grind with 10g water to get a slurry. I give each kitten 1/4 ml. twice a day by eyedropper. They tolerate it quite well.

Some people have told me they get the same results with amoxycillin.

Obviously, if the kittens had URI symptoms you would give antibiotics, but in a situation like this where the only symptom is loss of appetite, people just don't think to give antibiotics.

Disclaimer: I am not a vet and have had no medical training but have spent 30 years as a research scientist. This is the procedure I have found that works for me.
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Theresa, I'm so sorry, and am keeping my fingers crossed for the kittens and you.
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I'm sorry i hope your little ones are okay!
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I have had someone recomend l-lysine added to the formulia, guess it couldn't hurt!
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I hope your babies are alright Teresa! ((hugs)) to you and your babies!
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Just lost the second little red, hubby is back at the vet with the last kitten. We still have the fluids we were giving Frankie subQ and I have recieved an email from one of the othr sites I go to. This is what hubby is taking to the vet to have made.

Kittens have a hard time breathing...mouth breathing with a clicking sound.
Mixture for kittens: 1 part Septra (Trimetheprim Sulfa) to 16 parts sterile water. Inject sq.
.03 cc's per lb You would give a kitten very little. This can be mixed up and kept on hand.
If kittens are still nursing, inject sq. 3cc's Lactated Ringers Solution
Also, nebulize kittens with 3 cc's Gentocin Injectable (40-50 ml) and
10cc's Aminophylene. Run nebulizer til the mixture runs out and vapors have cleared. Then add Sterile Saline and nebulize 20 minutes longer.
Instead of Septra, you may use Gentocin Injectable, but it is tough on kidneys. You will need prescriptions or your vet may have some if not all of these.

This was from a vet in Fla or GA. She included the phone# for verification but I edited it for this post.
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OMG - I am so sorry to hear this. I'll say prayers for the babies. Please remember you are definitely doing all you can to safe them. As I said before they are in the best hand possible.
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My regular vet says the kittens are preemie. She has given us amoxicillian for this last little girl. Please cross your fingers.
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You and all the kittens are in my thoughts Teresa.
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I hope she will be alright!!! +++++++ Vibes going yalls way!! You are such a wonderful kitty mommy to take care of these babies!
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The last one of the three tiny ones passed. The other four are doing great with big tummies. We are going to give them antibiotics to make sure they don't get what their siblings came down with. Their little lungs just filled up with fluid. We will lay them to rest together in the garden so they can play free from pain.
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Teresa, I'm so sorry you lost three of your precious little kittens.
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Teresa, my heart is breaking for you. You have endured so much over the past few weeks. Saying a prayer for you and the kitties....
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Teresa sweetie, I'm so sorry! It's such heartbreaking news. Please know that you and the kits are in my thoughts & prayers.

Sounds like you need some major hugs too!
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your 3 little kittens. I've followed your posts and I know how hard you tried to save them. You are an inspiring kitty angel.

Take care,
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Oh Teresa I am so sorry that you lost the babies. Just know that they are in God's hands now. You and your Hubby did your very best to save them. You are both kitty
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Oh, Teresa, I'm so very sorry to hear this. It has been a very difficult time for you and your family. You are all in my thoughts.
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*hugs* Teresa, here's all the warm thoughts I can muster sending your way. I can imagine the pain...I can remember the helplessness of that kind of situation. Take care, and try to become the master of the catnap in the meantime so you too can get some sleep.
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Oh gosh, I am so, so sorry, and know besides being exhausted, that you have to be in so much pain. You and your DH did try SO hard--but it was not meant to be... Try to get some sleep, and know they are in a good, pain free place now--and will meet you again some day. I've lost pets before, and know the pain you feel.{{HUGS}}
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Teresa, I experienced the same thing when Mimi had kittens. I know how you feel, it is so heart breaking! All of my thoughts are with you! (((Hugs)))
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OMG... I feel SOOO bad.. I only wish for the rest of your babies stay healthy. I wish for their poor little souls to reach the rainbow bridge. And their going to be together so no one is alone.

Im so sorry.
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I'm so sorry Teresa. You did everything you could for them... I feel so bad for you.
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My heart breaks for you - but I am sure they knew how much you loved them and that you did everything possible to make them well. You are one of the best
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I am SO sorry, I hope the rest of the little ones are healthy and happy. I also hope you're Ok, it must have been really hard.

Bless the little angels
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While weighing the kittens today we have noticed another kitten that is feeling cool to the touch and beginning to drool. Although she has a big belly she was dehydrated so we gave fluids subQ and amoxi. We seperated her and have her on a heater to keep warm. God, I don't want to lose another one.
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Oh no..I certainly HOPE that kitten doesnt have fading kitten syndrome.. You've lost so many lives, I wouldnt want you and your mama cat to lose another. I will Pray for this babies and the rest of your kittens and for your kittens in heaven too.

Im sorry.
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