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I have puking...

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Twice now in two days... don't know which cat it is b/c it happened while I was gone. At least whoever puked today did it in the bathroom on a washable mat!

It is hardly digested food - which would lead to believe it's one of the Hoover vac cats, but I am not sure. I am feeding them approx a half-can (large) of wet each in the morning and they have dry to nibble/free feed when I am not there. At night it took them about two seconds to like having wet as well.. and I am trying to wean... so I mix up one large can of wet with some of the kibble and give it to them.

One of the fosters - Archie - has gained quite a bit of weight in the last 2.5 weeks.. I think he is eating way too much. Or it could be Tex, who I think may have a hairball issue (got Petromalt and will start with that in the morning.)

Besides gobbling - what else would cause puking? I am feeding the same thing dry - Authority - and mostly Authority wet but the store near me has been out of their pate chicken so I got Science Diet chicken as a replacement.

I really, really want to get all of these guys wellness checks, but I don't know if the rescue would cover that. We get a half-off discount on services and products from VetSelect. Maybe when they go in for their second pan-leuk combo boosters.

They eat on the floor - so maybe I need to elevate?
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Hairballs, eating too rapidly, reaction to the food....all those & more come to mind. I'd start with the hairball meds, see if you can't "catch them in the act". Perhaps monitor them during a meal time?
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