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I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap!!

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Seriously I do!!! 2x this week I got dumped while jumping Scotch!! Scotch isnt my horse I just ride and jump him, but man is he sure killing me!! Wednesday he threw me over the otherside of the jump and tore up my knuckles. Then today, going up to the LAST fence, he decided he was done and dumped me on the jump! I landed on my left side scratching up my left arm and really messing up my left thumb. The nail will fall of sooner or later, it is bruised on the inside, blood gushing out and it hurts like H**L!!!!! It throbs, and I wanted to cry but our barn....we DO NOT cry.. I had to get back on without cleaning it or bandaging it and finish jumping him. Then I had to get on my Joe (he is in my siggy) the sweetest little angel he is and we did pretty amazing even with my gimpy thumb. Me and Joe jump like 3'6'' so I felt pretty good getting around barely holding on to the reins on the left side!! Me and scotch started jumping bigger all hte jumps were 3'3''-3'6'' except 3 of teh fences were lower, soooo i guess that was why I fell lol I didnt ride to the jump how I was supposed to. Scotch is such a little turd head!!! I went to urgent care with my mom to make sure it wasnt fractured, it isnt, just hurts like no other!! The doc said he could poke a whole in my nail to drain the blood under my nail or take my nail off ummm no! so he wrapped it in a metal thing and gave me some vicodin.....first time using it! It thus far hasnt even done anything. Oh and I had to get a tetnis shot in case it got all infected What a day!! I hope I can work tomorrow night!! Any vibes would be wonderful!! I cant stand not using my left hand, and i am not good with pain in my hands .
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Oh the joys of horses! I hope he doesn`t dump you again. Maybe get some velcro jodhpurs or attach yourself to him with bungy ropes

I hope your fingers get healed up soon. I had a finger dislocated by a horse having a spaz once Man, was that sore!
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Oh hon, many for a fast healing! I have to say I so envy you (and the others here) that have horses. I took riding lessons years ago and was just about to learn how to jump but summer was over so I had to go back to school. I still ride like once every few years but it's definitely not like riding a bike! Last time I went riding muscles hurt that I forgot that I had!

Anyway, I hope your hand feels better soon!
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Thanks you guys! i think i may have sprained it lol its starting to swell! Jaffacake-- I am very tepted to do that. ouch i have never dislocated anything before, i couldnt stand having to pop it back in! Scotch is so polite sometimes he lets me jump first!

calico2222--- I techincally dont own joe or scotch, i lease joe, but he is pretty much mine and if i could id buy him in a heartbeat! if i did own him id let you ride him!!! Joe is such a sweetheart! i went away for a week with no riding.....i came back and about died!
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