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This is so cute!!!

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I have 5 girls having a tea party right outide my window. Play at its best and they have discovered Ginger in the window watching them. They are in They have all come up to put their hand to the screen to say ''Hello, in Spanish" I told them it was OK and she has been the best cat, flopping and rolling to the crowd
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I have the same with the kids in my cul de sac. Chloe and Dylan live nextdoor and their always asking where Jack is because they've known him since he was a kitten. I've had them in a couple of times so they can play with them with the Da Bird, and give them treats. Rosie and Sophie usually headbutt the window if their on the windowsill watching them

Gabby who lives at the bottom is a natural with animals. Last year Jack who's always skittish with people until he gets to know them went to Gabby straight away when she sat down on the stairs talking to him, i couldn't believe it because he's never done that before
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OMG, little girls still have tea parties? I remember mine..of course my tea was served to stuffed amimals (only girl in the neighborhood) and the boys just came in and destroyed it. That is so cute that Ginger wanted to get in the party! I'm sure she enjoyed the attention even through the screen. Any pics?
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