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Is that a cat in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

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For one of my cats, bathroom time is time to make himself at home. Anyone else's cats do this?
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ha ha ha ha ha.

Do a search for tigger or emily pics. They both love to make themselves comfy in their poppa's tighty whiteys.

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Polly loves to come in the bathroom with me- every time. Fortunately she just sits on my lap rather than climb into my underwear.

Gizmo is adorable!
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LMAO that is hilarious!!! My moms cat Monkey likes to put her face in my dirty clothes when i am in the shower lol
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I just wish he'd wait until I'm out of my pants to crawl inside them. Those are my socks on the right and left of the picture, with my legs still in them!

He runs in the bathroom and hops in my pants while I'm on the commode. Then he starts making like he's digging to China. Thankfully, I keep his claws trimmed so there's no harm to me, or my pants.
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Hahaha....silly cat. Max loves to follow me in the bathroom and climb up on my shoulders . I think he just does it cause he knows that when I get up I will flush and he likes to watch the toilet flush from a safe distance I thought that was a pain until I saw where your cat likes to get ROFL
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Ok, that's just too funny.
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that's cute. on another topic.... I think I have your cats twin! I adopted a 9 month old male in 07 who is identical to yours except he is fatter & a lot bigger, same eyes, same coloring, same marking (fur & facial) and from the looks of thing, same type of fur covering / coat. very cool.
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Gizmo's coat is very soft, almost like cashmere. He also has white mittens, which you can't see in that pic. I've often wondered if the quality of the coat and markings are related, since I had a cat with the same markings as Gizmo when I was a kid. He was a Manx with no papers, but also had the very even markings, the same color eyes, and soft fur. I saw a picture of Gizmo's mom, who was a stray. She had the same white and gray markings, but medium long hair. She had four kittens, all with short hair and the same markings.

I don't mind that he likes to climb in my pants, since it seems to make him happy and he gets out without any fuss when I'm ready to get up. If I'm sitting for awhile reading or something, he'll actually curl up and fall asleep.
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And you have furlined undies to wear!

Yes, been there several times in the past. Just never had a camera with me to document the occasion.
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My girls used to do that to their papa when they were little. They are too big now! DH called me in to take this pic of them. Soooo cute!! Dusty had an eye problem in them. She was allergic to the litter we used.

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lol now that is funny
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No, I'm just happy to see you .

That is too cute! Mine don't do that, but they always feel the need to try and just rest their head on my pants. I guess they like the cozy warmth or something? I really have no clue.
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I think the cat is the happy one in this case...
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